Saturday, January 10, 2015

France's Most Wanted Woman Is Radicalized 'Widow' of Kosher Supermarket Killer

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Hayat Boumeddiene has became France's most wanted woman after she escaped a hostage situation in a Kosher supermarket in Paris while her partner Amedy Coulibaly, was killed. Now, 26-year-old Boumeddiene is on the run and is believed to be 'armed and dangerous'.

Coulibaly died along with four hostages in the storming of the Jewish supermarket. But Boumeddiene may have eluded capture during the confusion as the hostages were running away, police said.

It is believed that the so-called 'wife' of the Kosher supermarket hostage killer was radicalised by the man she would go on to marry in a religious ceremony that is not legally accepted in France..

Daily mail reports that the couple got 'married' in a religious ceremony after Boumedienne, who was never seen without her veil, waited four years for him to come out of jail following his conviction for armed robbery. The couple were never married in a civil ceremony – the only legalized type of marriage in France.

While Coulibaly had a well documented track record, Boumeddiene tonight remains a shadowy figure. But it’s becoming clear that the one-time cashier was radicalised after meeting the man she would marry. She is from an Algerian background and altered her surname to ‘make it sound more French', according to an investigating source.

She told police who interviewed her as part of their inquiries into Coulibaly’s murky dealings with Islamic extremists that she had walked away from a low-paid job as a cashier in the Juvisy suburb of Paris in 2009 and taken the veil. She ‘devoted herself’ to Coulibay.

Interrogated by police in 2010, Boumeddiene said she was inspired by her husband and the radicals she lived with to, ‘read a lot of books on religion and because of this, I came to ask questions on religion.’

‘When I saw the massacre of the innocents in Palestine, in Iraq, in Chetchna, in Afghanistan or anywhere the Americans sent their bombers, all that…well, who are the terrorists?'

She added that when Americans killed innocents, it was the right of men to defend their women and children. Always cool and composed, Boumeddiene never wavered under police cross examination.

There is an ongoing manhunt to bring her to justice for her role in killing a female police officer two days ago, and the events in the Kosher supermarket hostage situation yesterday.

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