Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Church Stops Funeral Because Dead Woman Was Lesbian And Married With Kids

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Vanessa Collier lived as a gay woman, was married and had two children. Her wife, Christina Higley shared the photo above of their family as she asked for the reason why a church and the pastor chose to humiliate them after they paid to use their facility for Vanessa's funeral. The bereaved family and their guest had come for the funeral of their late wife, mother and friend when the pastor of the host church, New Hope Ministries, intervened and stopped the service.

Pastor Ray Chavez said the funeral could not continue since they planned on showing pictures of Collier with her wife, their proposal and wedding photos, their two children, and their life together. The pastor wanted there to be no clue in the picture display that Collier was a lesbian. Christina and their friends are protesting and want their voice heard, and their pain felt. She details what happened in a Facebook post, read below..

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