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Was Charlie Hebdo Racist? Cover With Kidnapped Chibok Girls Causes Controversy

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Charlie Hebdo is the satirical magazine whose Paris offices were stormed on 7 January 2015 by Chef and Said Kouachi who killed 12 people - four of those dead were targeted as cartoonists for the french publication. The gun men shoulted that they had avenged Muhammed and Allah after the killings.

But while solidarity with the staff of the magazine has prevailed, with most condemning totally the actions of the Kouachi brothers, some voices have pointed out the perceived faults of the magazine in their politics. One of the accusations that stand out is that of racism, and many have used the above cover to illustrate the supposed heartlessness of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.

The cover was released soon after Boko Haram kidnapped over 200 Chibok schoolgirls, and threatened to use them as sex slaves. The cover depicts pregnant girls saying "Touchez pas a nos allocs!", which translates to something like "Don't touch our (welfare) allocations!"

If satire is meant to be funny, this twitter user was not amused.

On the face of it, the Charlie Hebdo's cover shows the Boko Haram sex slaves as welfare queens, those who are dependent on the government for their social benefits.

So is there any context or explanation that makes sense beyond the ugly caricatures that appear unfeeling to the plight of the poor kidnapped girls?

A user on Quora suggests one.

Read Quote of Jean-Baptiste Froment's answer to What was the context of Charlie Hebdo's cartoon depicting Boko Haram sex slaves as welfare queens? on Quora

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