Saturday, January 24, 2015

Buhari’s Daughter, Halima Talks About Father - 'Fond Of His Grandchildren, Passionate About Nigeria'

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Halima Buhari, the fifth daughter of Muhammadu Buhari, has spoken about her father in a new interview with writer and journalist, Lola Shoneyin in Abeokuta. Halima had a no-holds barred talk about the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate, his relationship with his kids and grand kids, his passion for Nigeria and why he is the man to get the job done. The video is posted on Kayode Ogundamisi channel, with excerpts below...

On what kind of father he is;

“He is like every normal father, very realistic, tells you exactly how it is and loves cracking jokes. He doesn’t coerce us to do what we don’t want us to do, he has a very soft side and he is very caring. He’s very sensitive towards our feeding. He doesn’t coerse us to do anything we don’t want to do. He’s a very understanding father unlike the image people. People say he’s strict but he has a very soft side.””

On how he relates with his grandchildren; 

“I have a seven year old daughter and he calls her ‘laraba’ which means Wednesday in Hausa, he plays and is very fond of his grandchildren and gives them traditional funny nick names.”

On the Kind of Leader he will make as a civilian president;

“Well, this is not 1983 not military but democratic regime, he is passionate about Nigeria and interested in getting it out of the mess it is now esp. insecurity and corruption, he is that kind of person who gets the job done.”

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