Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Annie Idibia Speaks On Kissing Photos of 2face With Pero Adeniyi

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I get the sense all is not well between Annie and 2Face Idibia but no marriage is perfect anyway, and when your husband has several children from different women, it may get even more complicated.

After 2Face released a separate statement here, on the viral photos of her him with baby mama Pero Adeniyi, Annie Idibia has also reacted in another brief press release. Tuface mentions that their love-life is not perfect and may not make sense to others, and Annie kinda buttresses that. Read her statement below...

I am aware of the photos circulating the internet with my husband and Pero Adeniyi. I want to state officially that I was not in that space at that time and therefore there was no confrontation between myself and Pero Adeniyi.

Pero Adeniyi and this momentary indiscretion poses no threat whatsoever to my relationship with my husband. As a matter of fact for all of our children's' sake, I do encourage cordial relationships with parties involved.

This year, my focus is solely on God, Family and my Career which doesn't give me the luxury of paying attention to any distractions.

I thank you for your respect in this matter.


  1. The real reason 2face had not been home for some days and ended at rumors ikeja that night was because he and Annie had a terrible fight. Sumbos kids came to spend some time with them in their lekki house, then the younger boy wet himself and the wet clothes were put back in the bag with the other clothes the wetness causing the Colours to run into the other clothes ruining them. Sumbo respectfully called Annie and begged her to please tell her house helps to please put wet clothes in a separate bag to avoid clothes spoiling, annie in turn flared up with all sorts of insult causing Sumbo to hang up, Annie goes to harass 2face about the issue then Sumbo calls back and 2face puts it in speaker hearing Sumbo pleasing with Annie that she was not fighting her and wandering why Annie was so aggrieved over a minute request, 2face hearing the way Sumbo spoke saw that Annie was lying about the whole conversation and got angry that she was provoking him. Annie and 2face got into a hot fight over this and Annie with the help of her mother locked 2face up in the bed room preventing him to go out, it was not until his staff arrived in the morning were they able to force the door open to let him out. This is a regular occurrence in their home, This was why Annie posted the sob stories of fake 'born agains' on her Instagram days before this pictures came about. 2 face went back to his festac home where all his family members that Annie had barred from the lekki house were staying, it was later that night that he met pero at the club it was not planned at all, he did not mind the pictures taken or blogged because he and everyone round were sick of Annie and her fake life. On many occasions he had to deal with her cheating, bisexual incidents with her so called manager that he himself had slept with on several occasions. The insults and maltreatment of his kids by Sumbo the stopping of him visiting peros kids. Her love for fame has derailed her from being a good wife. She shows no decorum smoking weed amongst his friends, there was no week without a dirty fight, they all hate her behavior. then she will run to the blogs to Clean up herself presenting a holier than thou image. As a matter of fact in one interview she said they are in touch with the kids in America, truth is at the time that interview aired 2face had not seen his kids for a record 2 years as she would not allow it. She was just lying about and causing him pain at home. 2face was not drunk in those pictures and for a man to allow that to happen has no respect for his wife because he feels she does not deserve it. He had stomached a lot and was just ready to burst. Annie has sleepless nights about pero because she knows the truth of the relationship, a man that purposes to you whilst a woman is pregnant with is 3 rd child has reasons for it but she was so interested in the fame that she could careless and quickly took the opportunity. It is Annie that has caused her woes. Truth is innocent cannot tolerate the fact the she hates his kids and wishes them evil as he loves all is children to death. I think she lost him when she started harassing and insulting pero that had been so far from them with texts phone calls and msgs. It was too much for innocent for a woman that claims to love him to hate his kids so much. 2 face is tired of selling Annie's brand period. The blogs have painted pero bad for years she has nothing to lose, her bills are still being paid , but Annie that painted the picture of perfection is the one that has all the pain now. If you build on weak foundation your house shall surely crumble. Shikena


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