Wednesday, January 28, 2015

82-Year-Old Billionaire and His 25-Year-Old Wife Defend Their May-December Love

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Do you remember the moneybag who paid $500k for a night at the famous Vienna ball with Kim Kardashian and then called her out for bad attitude? Last year, aged 81, the man married the 25 year old model he had been dating for less than a year. Well, the couple are speaking out and sharing their love story. Missed their wedding pics, see it here.

The former playboy model says she doesn't care that her multi-multimillionaire husband is 57 years her senior - her love for him has nothing to do with his age or his fortune. The couple appeared on This Morning on Monday to defend their relationship ahead of a documentary about their age-gap airing on Wednesday night.

According to UK Mirror, the wife, Cathy Schmitz, gave up her career as a budding TV personlity in Germany to marry 82-year-old Richard Lugner and now lives a life of luxury with him in his homeland of Vienna, Austria.

Richard is old enough to be Cathy's grandfather, but insists the age gap doesn't bother him. He says after swearing off marriage, he hit it off with his new girlfriend when they met last February, and she managed to change his mind.

"We have to learn to be married. I had been married four times, and when I met Cathy I had been divorced for seven years. I didn't want to get married ever again."

Does he ever worry that she wants him for his money?

"I am always worried. Ladies are very dangerous. To be married is dangerous. I like to fight with the young ladies. It's better for me."

Cathy shared her own side of the story;

"I am not the first woman that is much younger than him. None of his wives were as old as him. I have a good teacher as he has been married four times before. When we met I thought he was a nice guy. I knew he was rich, I am from Germany. He is very famous person.

Of course it's nice to life a luxury life. But it's not very important to me. Before I met him I was pushing my own career on the television. But I had to make a decision between love and my career. I love everything about him. He is charming and lovely and he tells the truth.

I dated a lot of young boys – they are only looking out for themselves. They like football and many women. I have a six-year-old daughter to look after – I need a man."

Does she ever worry about the future, and the fact that Richard might not be around for much longer?

"I think if there's no risk then there's no fun. He is the love of my live. He may live to be 102 – I may have 20 years left."

Sounds sweet. I also like that she's honest about his money coming in handy. Wishing them all the best, after all, nothing is guaranteed in life.

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