Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3-Year-Old Says A Special Prayer For Nigeria - For Safe Parks To Play In

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Three year old MissyMissy loves her country, and wants it to become a better place. She also asks for a little, the chance to dream. What are her dreams? Safe parks to play in, and the ability to travel and vacation in Nigeria. In the new video shared on Youtube by Missy's mom, she prays;

Hello ever body, my name is missimissy and I am 3 years old. I have a dream that Nigeria will be a better place. I have a dream that my friends and I will have safe parks to play in. I have a dream that my sister and I will be happy to do holiday in Nigeria. God bless Nigeria. I love Nigeria.

Missy cannot vote yet but she doesn't forget to remind everyone to vote wisely at the coming elections that her dreams may be fulfilled. I say Amen to her prayers. Watch the video below...

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