Monday, December 15, 2014

Bill Cosby's Wife, Camille Cosby, Releases Statement On Rape Allegations

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Bill Cosby has mostly been silent in the face of the dozens of sexual assault allegations against him, and his wife even quieter. But today, Camille Cosby has released a full statement that defends her husband.

"He is a kind man, a generous man, a funny man. A different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. It is the portrait of a man I do not know."

Cow Escapes Butcher Shop, But Is Shot and Killed By Police

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A fully grown cow being prepared for slaughter jumped a 6-foot fence to escape the Butcher's tools, but it did not get the happy ending it sought. The cow ran through the streets of Pocatello but was quickly pursued by police, who finally shot and killed it.

The cow had escaped from Anderson Custom Pack, a meat processing business, on Friday afternoon, HuffPo reports. Early in the chase, an officer shot the cow in the head but the wounded animal kept running.

Andrew Hawkins Explains Wearing ‘Justice For Tamir Rice And John Crawford’ T-Shirt

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Andrew Hawkins was moved to tears in a new video as he explains why he wore the “Justice For Tamir Rice and John Crawford” t-shirt recently - activism that had prompted the head of the Cleveland Police Union to demand an apology from the NFL player.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver said he wore the “Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford” T-shirt, with Andrew Hawkins not because he's an activist, but that he felt compelled. He wore the shirt during warm-ups and introductions prior to the football game on Sunday, when the Browns played the Bengals. Check out the video and excerpts from his speech below...

Did New York High Schooler Mohammed Islam Really Make $72M From The Stock Market?

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Mohammed Islam, a 17-year-old from Stuyvesant High School in New York City, was reported to have made a whopping $72 million on the stock market, often skipping his lunch break to play the market. Now that figure is being widely disputed!

While many agree that Islam is ahead of his time in the stock market, they also agree that the $72 million total is a hyped number, according to those familiar with the teenager's story

Redeemed Pastor Prof Yemi Osibajo Being Considered For Buhari's VP Candidate

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) are said to still be considering their options for the vice presidential position alongside General Muhammadu Buhari. Contrary to media reports that Buhari had picked party chairman, Bola Tinubu, as his running mate, he only agreed to allow Tinubu select at least three candidates with the final selection being made by the party.

As of this morning, Buhari's options for running mate had been narrowed down to Governor Oshiomhole and former Lagos State  Attorney General and a Pastor of the Redeemed Church of God (RCCG), Prof. Yemi Osibajo.

David Oyelowo To Star With Lupita Nyong'o In 'Americanah' By Chimamanda Adichie

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British-Nigerian actor David Oyelowo has been reported to be starring along with Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o for the screen adaptation of Chimamanda Adichie's 'Americanah'.

David Oyelow is well known for his roles in several American movies as well as Hollywood blockbusters and was most recently nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as pacifist Martin Luther King in Selma, a movie about African-American civil rights.

Six Dead In Pennsylvania Shootings - Gunman Still At Large

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Six people have been shot dead and three wounded in three locations near Philadelphia, officials in Pennsylvania say.

Montgomery County law enforcement are seeking the suspected gunman, who they named as Bradley William Stone, 35. They say he may be armed and dangerous, telling residents to remain indoors.

The victims are all said to have a familial relationship to Mr Stone, who has been described as having red hair and wearing military fatigues. He also reportedly uses a cane or a walking stick.

Jennifer Aniston Slams Reports She Chose Career Over Being a Mother

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Actress Jennifer Aniston is a Hollywood superstar and is being considered for several awards as the years rolls over, yet interviewers keep focusing on her personal life, asking about her marriage and having children.

Worse are those that make up their own stories, especially she says, those who have started and continue to circulate rumors about her refusing to have children while married to Brad Pitt for 7 years. In an interview with Allure magazine, Jennifer Aniston said this was the most difficult thing she’s ever battled in the press.

Amal Clooney Named Most Fascinating Person 2014 - But Not For Me

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George Clooney married lawyer Amal Alamuddin on Sept. 27 this year in an expensive celebrity wedding in Italy. In October, she changed her name to Amal Clooney, and now, she has been selected by Barbara Walters for her ABC Special on the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014.

Amal Clooney is the most fascinating person this year because of what? Her marriage to actor George Clooney! And this is among names like Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, George RR Martin, Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Strahan, Taylor Swift, Billionaire David Koch, Chelsea Handler and Scarlett Johansson, who were all listed for their personal achievements and actions.

Sydney Siege - #IllRideWithYou Users Support Muslims, Others Share Selfies

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Some Twitter users pledged support for Australian Muslims using the #IllRideWithYou hashtag after the Sydney siege, while other social media users shared selfies they took at the scene of the hostage situation involving an armed Islamist which ended a couple of hours ago, after more than half a day.

The now dead gunman, later named as Man Haron Monis held about 30 people hostage in a cafe in Sydney, Australia killing one hostage, before being killed by the Australian security forces. The extremely horrific situation didn't stop some sight seers from mobbing the scene, and some even seized the opportunity to take selfies, while also looking very happy like the guy above...smh.

Maheeda Goes Nude For Latest Christmas Photos

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Maheeda has just shared some sizzling new Christmas photos, and she's completely nude with just a small santa's hat on her head. In her previous Christmas photos, the online nudist had on a red and white string bikini. See more pictures below, and she also has a word for her critics.

Lauren Scruggs & Jason Kennedy's First Official Wedding Photo

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Don't you just love this sweet ‪#‎DallasWedding‬ photo of Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy? Who else remembers their love story? Lauren lost and arm and an eye in a plane accident, and met Jason while still recovering, and they fell in love.

So beautiful and emotional, check out here the full story with their pre-wedding pictures. RML loves real love, and we are so excited for them to spend their forever together. Congrats to them and more love!

D'Angelo Releases #BlackMessiah Album 15 Years After His Last - Listen Free Now

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After almost 15 years, there's a new D'Angelo album out, and it's titled #BlackMessiah. For lovers of R&B and soul like me, this is great news! I loved D'Angelo before and I'm loving him now. It's like rolling back the years, but the sound is still fresh and moving.

D'Angelo began to tease his fans about the release of Black Messiah on Friday with a 15-second video, then he released a single off the album titled "Sugah Daddy" on Saturday. On Sunday, there was a New York City listening party on Sunday, all leading up to Black Messiah being released on iTunes and Spotify at midnight into Monday.

Swizz Beatz Throws Alicia Keys Royal-Themed Baby Shower

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Alicia Keys and her husband of three years, Swizz Beatz are expecting their second child together any day now. The proud and expectant dad threw his lovely wife a baby shower at their home to which invited just close family and friends. He later shared pics from the shower on his Instagram page. See more photos below.

Alicia is looking so big with her tummy but that's only to be expected, and she's sure a cute mommy :) Wishing her a safe delivery and healthy baby.

#SydneySiege Over With 2 People Reported Dead and 3 Hospitalized

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Police have now confirmed that the Sydney siege is over after Australian security forces stormed the Sydney cafe where several hostages were being held at gunpoint for more than 16 hours.

Australian state broadcaster ABC reported that two people were dead and three were in serious condition. Seven people had been taken out of the Sydney cafe on stretchers, and five of them appeared to be receiving treatment immediately, the broadcaster reported.

The fate of the gunman, identified by an official with direct knowledge of the situation as Man Haron Monis, was unknown. It was also unknown if any police were injured.

Amazing Photos Of The Obamas At Christmas In Washington Concert 2014

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U.S. President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia pose with 'elves' prior to the taping of TNT's 'Christmas in Washington' program on December 14, 2014  at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. The 'elves' are former patients of Children's National Medical Center, the beneficiary of this evenings concert.

Christmas in Washington is an annual Christmas television special, and this year, the 33rd annual concert, overdid itself. There was the first family, and also famous singers including Rita Ora, to sing the carols. In more pictures below, the Obamas socialized with the elves, presented them with gifts, including a basket of children's books, and enjoyed their time at the concert.

Daddy Time - Peter Okoye And Adorable Daughter Aliona

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One of the sweetest things is seeing a dad with a close relationship with his children, and especially his daughters, and usually when you see that love, you know the daughter has her dad wrapped around her little finger. Such is the case with Peter Okoye of PSquare and his little princess, Aliona. So cute!