Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tonto Dike Shares Makeup-Free Selfie To Fans

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Tonto Dike shared this makeup free photo on her Instagram page to wish her teeming fans a good morning. She posted it with the caption; Another Day Another Gussage Bless it Jah,Enjoy d day**

Which do you prefer, makeup Tonto or no makeup? See another picture below....

CIA #TortureReport - Detainees Waterboarded, Fed Anally, Dragged Naked, Sleep Deprived

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A report released today by Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee has revealed how extreme were the enhanced interrogation techniques by the CIA. Dubbed the #torturereport by many on social media, the interrogation program drew outrage and condemnation across party lines.

The report states that at least one detainee died in an unheated cell. Another tried to chew off his arm from the elbow as well as cutting several veins in his arms and legs. Many suffered hallucinations, paranoia and showed other forms of psychosis.

Wanted By Tiwa Savage Makes YouTube's Most Watched Nigerian Music Videos 2014

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YouTube has just released its annual list of the most watched music videos by country and with all the ruckus that trailed Wanted by Tiwa Savage, it's not surprising that the single made it into the top 10 for Nigeria.

Davido clinches the top spot with hit single AYE, while Mavin Records’ Dorobucci comes in second place, Nicki Minaj places 3rd with Anaconda and Tiwa Savage comes in 4th with Wanted. Tiwa makes another appearance in the list at #10 with Patoranking for Girlie O. See the full list below

Man Kills Daughter Then Films Himself Having Sex With Her Corpse

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A man has been arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing his newlywed stepdaughter in order to have sex with her dead body, police in Pennsylvania said.

53-year-old Gregory Graf, was into necrophilia, and Allen Township Police said that Graf killed his stepdaughter, 33-year-old Jessica Padgett, with the intention of recording his sexual abuse of her body.

Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Witnessed Friend's Murder-Suicide On FaceTime

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Floyd Mayweather is reported to have witnessed one of his best friends shoot his wife and then kill himself in a case that is currently being regarded as a murder-suicide.

Dancer Stephanie Moseley, best known for her role on VH1′s Hit the Floor, and rapper husband, Earl Hayes - part of Floyd Mayweather's money team - were discovered dead yesterday in their apartment  after neighbours heard gunshots and called police.

Househelp Who Kidnapped 2 Children in Lagos Was Hired Online Just A Few Days Before

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Actress Kate Henshaw was the first to draw the attention of members of the public to the abduction of the two children above who she said were kidnapped from their home by the family househelp. She asked for help in locating the children, posting,

“Please help spread the news. My nephews (Rafael and Michael) have been missing since yesterday. These boys have been kidnapped! Lord locate them and bring them home safe and sound. Their parents left them at home briefly with the housemaid, grandmother and a nurse. The maid ran away with the children when the grandmother and the nurse went to bed. When the parents returned home, the children and maid were gone.”

Baby With Hole In The Heart Cut 40 Times With Hot Knife To Cure Her Of Pnemonia

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A two-month-old Indian baby girl was branded with a hot knife by a local healer attempting to cure her pneumonia. Unknown to the healer, the little baby had a hole in the heart.

Shivani Seheriya had caught the life-threatening infection last month and in desperation, her poverty-stricken mother turned to her village tantric, a traditional therapist used in rural India, for help. He then burnt the child's abdomen with the hot knife over 40 times, convinced it would cure her illness.

President Obama Presents Special Edition of the Colbert Report - Video

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Yesterday, President Obama took over Stephen Colbert's job as presenter on The Word, which the president jokingly renamed, The Decree while making several quips about Obamacare.

President Barack Obama taped the interview for "The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert" at Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., December 8, 2014. Below is the video and excerpts from the interview via White House website:

Omotola, Genevieve, PSquare, More Celebs Open Up On How They Lost Their Virginity

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Sometimes I laugh at the questions that Nigerian journalists ask, but it's not that the questions are irrelevant, but they are asked so flippantly. One of such questions involves asking celebrities when they had sex for the first time. Sometimes the celebs answer directly, other times, they take a roundabout route.

One thing that should worry us, and make these journalists take these questions more seriously, is the number of celebrities who lost their virgnity as a result of rape or child sexual abuse. Most did not mention the names of their abusers though they say those people were adults at the time. And it's not just men abusing little girls, some male celebs were also abused by their female child minders. Read on...

Prince William and Kate Middleton Refuse Kiss Cam, Meet Beyoncé and Jay Z at Brooklyn Nets Game

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting ready to return to the UK later today but Americans are still gushing over the royal couple.

The couple attended the Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game in New York City’s Barclay Centre on Monday night, and broke a few hearts when they refused to pucker up when put on the big screen or 'Kiss Cam'.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also met backstage with LeBron James who supposedly broke protocol by placing an arm on Kate's shoulder during the picture taking. No one seemed to mind though. See pics below...

Rihanna Reportedly Pregnant - Stops Smoking Weed

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Rihanna has been reported pregnant by the Media TakeOut website who say they're so sure about the story that they'll bet $10k to any challenger. They say they have evidence, foremost of which is that Rihanna no longer smokes weed. Read below...

UNILAG Rape Scandal: Prince Daniel Okereke Speaks Out

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Prince Daniel Okereke was taken to court by a UNILAG student who alleges that he raped her after luring her to his home. Many other women came out to also share their stories of being abused by him, some from more than 20 years ago, read here.

Now the former gospel singer has released a press statement sent to Linda Ikeji by someone who claims to be his rep. I just felt sick reading it, it's either a sympathiser wrote this for him, or he may developed Amnesia. My guess is the heat of the case is getting to him. Find the statement below...

Idris Elba Is A Football Coach Out to Beat Ebola For Africa United PSA

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Actor Idris Elba plays a soccer coach in a new public health campaign, with his team is about to go out and play against Ebola. He gives them the required pep talk as he paces in the locker room..

"This is not an ordinary game. This is life or death. Ebola has defeated thousands in West Africa. Its key strength is passing."

His pep talk is part of sending the right message about Ebola to the right people at the right time. West Africans love football a lot, and hopefully, this ad will catch on.

Women Dry Vaginas With Bleach & Sand In Shocking Sex Practice To Please Men

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Women in South and Central Africa, and Indonesia are reported to be carrying out "dry sex", a practice which not only leaves them in pain but also increases their risk of HIV. 'Dry sex' involves women reducing moisture in their vaginas in order to make intercourse more pleasurable for men.

This can can lead to cuts, sores and inflammation in the vagina, and increases the chance of a condom breaking, which in turn increase the chance of the women contracting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

Scarlett Johansson Talks About Baby Smells and Sleep Deprivation

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30-year-old Scarlett Johansson gave birth to her first kid, Rose Dorothy, with husband Romain Dauriac in September, around the same time as Eva Mendes.

It was reported that about one month before the couple secretly wed in Montana. Scarlett first gushed about her daughter's baby scent while promoting the Dolce & Gabbana fragrance, The One.

The Condom Cookbook - A Food Recipe Book To Promote Safe Sex

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The book is called Condom Meals I Want To Make For You and is reported to contain 11 food recipes based around condoms, mostly using the contraceptive for presentation. The food recipes have names like “Condom Meat Stuffing”, “Condom Escargot (snails) Cooked with Butter” and “Condom Cookies” and each is supposed to be utterly delicious.

You may find this funny or wacky, but there's a serious side. Japanese men are said to be the third worst in the world when it comes to using condoms, and so the book was also created to help promote safe sex. The book aims to show that condoms can be very strong and durable and this I think is a good novelty way to spread a serious message.

Kemi Adetiba Slams Women Who Cyber Bully Other Single Women On Marriage Status

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Kemi Adetiba, one of Nigeria's foremost music video directors and media personality, has used her not-little platform on Twitter to call out all those who constantly ask her about when she will be upgrading her status to married.

She tweeted a series of messages to her almost 60K Twitter followers in which she slammed the trend of other women trying to shame single women about marriage, especially online as has been happening to her. She calls it cyber bullying, and I think I agree. Read her tweets below and share your thoughts.