Friday, November 21, 2014

Teenager Charged After Parents and Siblings Killed In Car Crash During Family Trip To Disney

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A 16-year-old boy driving his parents and siblings on a "dream trip" to Disney World apparently fell asleep at the wheel, causing the sport utility vehicle to veer off the highway and roll over, killing three children and two adults, authorities said Thursday.

The teen, who had a driver's license, was charged with careless operation of a vehicle, a misdemeanor, following the crash on Interstate 20 near Calhoun, Louisiana, at 11 p.m. Wednesday, said state police spokesman Michael Reichardt. The driver, who was not identified, and two passengers were injured, one critically.

Queen Latifah Writes Encouraging Letter To Self As Show Is Cancelled

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Her show may officially have been cancelled but Queen Latifah is not going to allow that to get her down. She posted a touching letter to herself on her Facebook page, talking about the way being open after the cancellation and having to stay positive. She wrote;

This letter is for me, my staff, my crew, and everyone who was by my side for this incredible journey. The most important thing in life is that you wake up every single day and take chances. No matter what the outcome…believe in yourself and continue to fly.

I watched The Queen Latifah Show a few times and enjoyed it. I also remember that she was very supportive of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign. Here's wishing Queen Latifah all the best in her future endeavors. I love her spirit!

Nanny Caught On Secret Camera Brutally Asaulting Toddler - 5 Questions Answered

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When someone shared these videos saying it was one of the most disturbing things she had ever seen, I was like haven't we seen it all before? Until I clicked play, I almost jumped off my seat. Who are these people? I'm currently going through the comments on all the 5 videos posted on instgagram by @datgirlviv to see if this monster was ever identified.

In the videos, the woman forcefeeds the child, then gets angry when she vomits the food. This leads to a extreme abuse including throwing the child face down on the ground, standing on her, spanking her with a torch, kicking her in the body and face, stomping on her back and chest area.

Beyonce Sings About Father’s Cheating and Her Mother Leaving Him In New Single

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Beyonce has just released a new single ‘Ring Off’ and it's a tribute to her mother. When a snippet of the song leaked yesterday, many thought it was concerning the rumors earlier this summer about Jay Z cheating and Beyonce getting ready to divorce him. But that turned out not to be the case.

Beyonce sings that she is happy that her mother found the strength to take the ring off after husband and Beyonce's dad, Matthew Knowles cheated on her several times. Check out the song below...

Janice Dickinson Shares Photos Of Bill Cosby From Night Of Alleged Rape

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Supermodel Janice Dickinson spoke out a few days ago about being one of over a dozen women who say they were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby between the 1960s to as late as 2005.

Dickinson spoke with Entertainment Tonight, saying that Bill Cosby invited her to Lake Tahoe in 1982 while he was performing there. According to her, the comedian told her he was going to help her with her acting and singing career.

Like the other allegations, Janice Dickinson says there was drugging involved in the rape. She reveals that Cosby offered her a glass of wine and a pill she thought was for her menstrual cramps. That was the last thing she remembered.

My Vision of Husband & Wife - Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union's PDA On The Runway

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My Vision of husband & wife and I guess a lot of people's is to marry their best friend, someone they can freely play with and be themselves. Some days ago in Miami, NBA star Dwayne Wade and wife, Gabrielle Union played out that vision as they packed on the PDA on the runway during Dwayne’s third annual 'Night On The Runwade". Now these pictures are trending.

The event was held to raise money for Dwyane’s Wade World Foundation, and the too fine couple had their audience laughing out loud when they pulled up in a Ferrari, got out and started stuntin’. The duo struck a number of funny poses before proceeding down the runway for the show’s finale.

‪#‎ThanksMichelleObama‬ - Students Unhappy With Healthy School Lunches Or Political Gimmicks?

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#ThanksMichelleObama is the sarcastic hashtag that young students are using to set Twitter on fire as they blame first lady Michelle Obama for their school lunches might obey new food regulations she championed, but which they say looks bad and tastes worse.

First lady Michelle Obama has made one of her personal campaigns that of getting childhood obesity down using healthy eating as an option. The other avenue is getting children to move more by being more physically active. But it all starts with what goes in the mouth so the first lady has worked with those in education to get the food served in schools healthier.

But the children seem not to be liking their modified menus for their school lunches. Those old enough to tweet are speaking out on social media and calling their food all manner of awful.

Scolding Dad Can't Stop Laughing After Sons Cover Themselves In Paint - Watch

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These are the fun parts of being a parent that make me look forward to being one. This viral video is of a dad who starts off annoyed as he scolds his sons for covering themselves in paint. But I guess the look on their painted faces as they realize they're in trouble just got to him in the end and he couldn't stop himself from laughing at them. They even join him at some point.

The dad starts by asking, "Who's idea was this? Did you think this was a good idea?", and along the line, one of the boys ask if they have paint in their hair. That was when dad couldn't keep it together anymore. But they still get their punishment, though :)

Emmanuel Adebayor Allegedly Abandons Mother Because She's A Witch And Uses Juju

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Emmauel Adebayor is an international football star who plays for his home country Togo as well as Tottenham in the UK. Various reports say he has ejected his mother madam Alice Adebayor from the US$ 1.5million home he bought for the family, because he believes she's a witch and wants nothing positive for him. He is also allegedly cut off from the rest of his siblings and family who he accused of doing rituals to stop his progress.

While Adebayor denies most of these stories as rumors, he admits that all is not well with his family. He accused them of using "Juju" against him, to impede his high-flying football career. He is not happy that they are speaking to the press.

When Marriage Stops Being A Fairytale

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Many people go into marriage with the misconception that it is going to be a bed of roses. They've watched the movies, read the books, and heard about those great love affairs that withstand the test of time. However, reality paints a different picture.

Real life and real marriages are not that simple. If a relationship is going to last, it's going to take a lot of hard work. It means getting up every day and staying committed to the person by your side. It's about compromise and accepting the flaws of the one you love the most.

Tina Knowles Explains Solange's Wedding Allergy And How Beyonce Saved The Day

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Solange's wedding reception was almost cancelled when the beautiful bride broke out in an allergic reaction soon after the ceremony. Hers and Beyonce's mum, Tina Knowles has now explained what caused the painful hives and how big sister Beyonce saved the day.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Tina also shared more gist about Solange's special day, the inspiration, the adult only wedding reception after party and more.

Couple Love - Marc Anthony and New Wife Shannon de Lima At Latin Grammys

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Marc Anthony got married earlier this month to 26-year-old Venezuelan model, Shannon de Lima, who is 20 years younger than him.

Marc Anthony and Shannon got married on November 12th in the Dominican Republic after dating for less than a year. They made their first red carpet appearance as a married couple at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas last night. More pictures below...

Romeo And Juliet - Woman Steps In Front of Train Shortly After Boyfriends Kills Self Same Way

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20-year-old Becky Tait, reportedly killed herself a couple of weeks ago by stepping in front of a moving train. Becky Tait took her own life two months after her 19 year old boyfriend, Phil James, committed suicide in a similar way.

Becky was said to be inconsolable after Phil passed away and decided she could not continue without him. Sounds like a real-life Romeo and Juliet, but it's so sad. See photos of the two below...

Husband Divorces Wife After New Whatsapp Shows She Read And Ignored His Messages

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A Saudi husband has reportedly divorced his wife after she failed to reply to a WhatsApp text message he sent to her. The couple have been married for two years, and the man sent the message from his office and waited for a response from his wife. But none came.

Thinking something must be wrong, he rushed home to find her watching television. When he asked her why she did not respond, she said she was busy chatting with friends on WhatsApp and wanted to reply later. He divorced her instantly, the report added.

Thread, This Wordweaver Must : A Collection of Poems By Ayokunle Falomo

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Ayokunle Falomo is the author of Thread, This Wordweaver Must : A Collection of Poems. He started writing when he was about six. Ayokunle says it began with writing short stories, at times adapting stories of authors he enjoyed reading.

Later, starting from about age 9, he was writing and directing plays for the children department of the church he attended then. With the publication of his first book, a collection of poems, that word weaving has only begun to bear fruit. RML caught up with him for an exclusive interview which you can read below...