Friday, November 14, 2014

#HollywoodFilmAwards Host Queen Latifah + Stars On The Red Carpet [Photos]

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The #HollywoodFilmAwards are currently going on now with Queen Latifah as the host. She was also spotted on the red carpet along with other stars including Janelle Monae, Kirsten Stewart, Mike Myers, Benedict Cumberbatch, Shailene Woodley, Kiera Knightley, Eddie Redmayne & Jack O'Connell.

So Lovely! Mercy Johnson Shares Family Photos With Month-Old Baby Son

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Mercy Johnson and her husband Prince Odianosen Okojie welcomed their little boy, Prince Henry Okojie, last month in the US. A month after Mercy giving birth to the younger brother to first daughter, Purity, they have just shared these lovely family photos. Would be great for a family Christmas card, right?

Brazilian Cannibals On Trial - Man, Wife & Mistress Killed Women, Made Pies With Their Flesh

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A man, Jorge Beltrao Negromonte da Silveira, his wife Isabel Cristina Pires, and their live-in mistress, Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, have gone on trial in Brazil yesterday for allegedly killing two women, cutting them up and baking their flesh into pies they ate and sold to neighbors. A 5-year-old girl who lived with them also ate the pastries.

Diem Brown Dead at 32 After Long Battle With Ovarian Cancer #RIPDiemBrown

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#RIPDiemBrown. The MTV reality star and advocate for cancer survivors, has died at 32. She passed away in a New York hospital after a decade-long battle with cancer. Just this Tuesday, Diem had still been tweeting, and had pleaded for prayers and support.

Miley Cyrus Spotted Kissing New Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger

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Miley Cyrus appears to have moved on and Patrick Schwarzenegger is her new heartthrob. The young couple, both 21, put their budding romance on full display yesterday night at a University of California football game. Patrick Schwarzenegger is Arnold Schwarznegger's first son and a student at the university.

Boko Haram Takes Over Chibok - Official Confirms

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According to reports, the Boko Haram Islamic terrorists in Nigeria have taken over the town of Chibok where they had in April abducted hundreds of girls from their school. This latest seizure of the town has forced thousands of residents to flee, a local official said Friday.

Ex-wife of US Oil Chief Says $1 Billion Divorce Settlement Not Enough

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Sue Ann Hamm is the ex-wife of Oklahoma oil tycoon Harold Hamm, and she was settled with over $1 Billion worth of cash and assets after the couple's divorce earlier this week. However, she plans to appeal the judgment on grounds that the amount she got undervalues the marital wealth she is entitled to.

Free Sperm Donors Who Have Real Sex With Women To Get Them Pregnant

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So according to an ABC News 20/20 which will air tonight, the new sex is the sex between strangers, just so one of them can get pregnant. First thing I asked myself when I saw the preview yesterday on TV during TGIT was to ask, "isn't that what sperm banks are for?" As it turns out, sperms banks are too expensive for some people.

Couple Love - Kanye and Kim Kardashian West

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I might just become a fan of Kanye West if for nothing else but for the way he loves his wife Kim Kardashian. Of course love is a two way street and you can see it clearly on this two.

While some are stuck on her nude #breaktheinternet photos, Kim shared these photos of Kanye publicly doting on her at a party they attended recently.

#AlexFromTarget And The Dark Side Of Internet Fame

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Some of you may have heard about #AlexFromTarget or not. Some say he's a marketing gimmick, others say he's complete hoax. But he is in fact a real person - his name is Alex Lee, he's 16 years old, and works checkout at Target. Though he did not, in any way, plan to become an online viral sensation, that was exactly what he became on Nov, 2, 2014.

Woman Gets 15 Live Chicks From Ex With Message “There are Lots of Chicks Out There”

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A Washington D.C. woman received a parcel from her ex recently, and in it was a box filled with 15 live chicks, and a note that said "there are lots of other chicks out there!"

Raves & Reviews By Chioma - Being Mrs Elliot (Nollywood Movie)

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By Chioma Obiekwe

I saw the movie and recorded this review when the Omoni Oboli film 'Being Mrs Elliot' just dropped. I heard some positive reviews from Tosyn Bucknor and some other media people so I decided to see it.... this is what I think about the movie.

If you've seen it... let me know what you think

Infidelity Double Standards Through The Eyes Of A Non-Feminist

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By Onyinye Orabuike

I have never been accused of being a feminist, neither do I hope to be mistaken for one.

In truth I am not particularly passionate about the plight of women. I found out early that my sentiments are painfully unpopular among girls my age whose goals were either to get married to a very wealthy man and live a life of ease, or ditch men altogether and make their own way in life.

Prince William & Kate Meet One Direction At British Royal Variety Performance

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Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge made it a date night yesterday as they arrived all dresssed up to watch the Royal Variety Performance for the first time as a couple. Kate is stunning in her black lace gown, and looks absolutely glowing for a 16 weeks pregnant lady.