Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heartbreaking Video Of Father Singing to Dying Baby Son After Wife Dies Unexpectedly

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This video of new dad, Chris Picco, singing "The Beatles" Blackbird song to his newborn dying son after his wife and the boy's mother passed away, is going viral. And it's just heartbreaking!

It absolutely kills me to hear stories from friends, and some of these ones we come across online of miscarriages, stillbirths and now this. May the mom and little angel son rest in heaven.

Dr. Oz Called A Quack And Blasted in Twitter Q&A

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Dr. Mehmet Oz, popularly known by his TV show name Dr. Oz, has come under fire after he called for a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday. The supporter of various alternative health pathways asked for people to submit their medical questions but was instead blasted for promoting suspicious weight loss products.

Tiwa Savage &Teebillz Finally Photographed Together After Breakup Rumors

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Since rumors that Tiwa and Teebillz marriage was in trouble broke months ago, read here, the couple haven't been photographed together. Now it appears they joined Tunde Demuren and girlfriend Toolz tonight for a quiet dinner to celebrate Tunde Demuren’s birthday.

See Kim K's Unphotoshopped Paper Mag Cover

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True or false? This picture of the original unphotoshopped image of Kim K has just gone viral on Twitter, but there's no way of confirming if it is true or false. What do you think?

Bono Survives After Rear Door of Learjet Falls Off Midflight - Private Plane Owners Beware!

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A private Learjet carrying U2 singer Bono in it yesterday had its rear door fall off mid-flight just days after another plane of the same make crashed as it was about to land in the Bahamas, killing everyone on board including renowned pastor, Dr. Myles Munroe and wife.

World’s Tallest and Shortest Men Meet For The First Time [Photos]

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Who remembers the world's tallest man Sultan Kosen, we featured photos from his wedding last year? Sultan Kosen has met up with the world's shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi for the very first time today, November 13, 2014 in London, England for the 10th annual Guinness World Records Day.

Chandra, from Nepal is 54.6 cm (21.5 inches) tall, and Sultan, from Turkey, is 251 cm (8 ft 3 inches) tall. See more photos below..

@PiersMorgan - In Defence of Kim K And Her Nude Photos #BreakTheInternet

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@PiersMorgan has just made a shocking confession. He admits, "I like and admire Kim Kardashian-West." Coming a day after the reality TV star tried to break the internet with nude photos shot for a Paper Magazine cover and spread, he's among the few who support Kim at this time.

Reports of 'White Widow" Terrorist Being Killed by Russian Sniper May Be Untrue

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British terrorist, Samantha Lewthwaite, aka “White Widow,” has reportedly been killed by a Russian sniper in Ukraine while fighting for the Aidar Batallion, a volunteer group for Ukraine's armed forces. The 30-year-old terrorist was allegedly killed two weeks ago, and Russian news service - Regnum - confirmed the report on Wednesday. However, some say the reports are untrue and 'utter garbage'.

Maternity Style - Kourtney Kardashian In Black Coat Dress For Baby Shower Brunch

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Kourtney Kardashian is now counting down the days till her baby's delivery which some say is expected in December, but moms in the house know it can be any day now.

Chinese Woman Married To Nigerian On Pounding Yam, Backing Babies And Wearing Buba

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Mrs Annie Odediran is Chinese  but grew up in Malaysia as a Buddhist. She converted to Christianity as a student in Australia, which was also where she met her Nigerian would-be husband for the first time in 1982. After he returned to Nigeria, they continued their relationship long distance via letters and phone calls. After opposition from both sides of the family mainly from her family, the couple got married in 1988.

Yvonne Nelson Flaunts Bikini Body During Birthday Beach Outing With Friends

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Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson celebrated her birthday recently and as has become almost custom, she spent the day at the beach. She has said in one of her interviews that she does love and enjoy being at the beach. And it works for her that she has such a banging body! RML wishes her many more years of happy returns.

#BreakTheInternet Kim K Goes Full Frontal Naked - 3 Things You Need To Know [Photos]

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Paper Magazine really wanted Kim K to #BreakTheInternet! Not only did they shoot her famous backside, she also went full frontal nude for them. You can see the complete set of photos below...

The magazine’s editorial director Mickey Boardman has also revealed three answers to questions everyone is asking about the photos.

Wife Finds Missing Husband After 9 Years But He's Married to Another Woman

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Karen Marx, 48, has shared her story of how her husband just walked out one day and never returned, only for her to find him 9 years later and discover that he was supposedly happily married to another woman.

She had moved out of the state where they met and had family, and it was only when she returned recently that she re-connected with his mother and found out his "happy" news through the picture above of him and his new wife. The man is now cooling his heels in jail for bigamy and fraud - lying on his marriage license.

Do You Have a Loved One Suffering from Addiction? Here's How To Help

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By Jenna Brown

We women are known for our intuition. Whether it's trusting our gut feelings or acting as human lie detectors, most of us have finely-tuned instincts that help us out in our everyday lives. But what about those of us who weren't blessed with super-powered female intuition? What if something serious is going on, right before our very eyes, and we can't see it? Take addiction, for example.

The Duggars Criticized For Deleting Photos of Kissing Gay Couples From Their Facebook Page

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After their daughter Jessa Duggar and new husband Ben Seewald got some backlash for posting a racy kiss pic on their Instagram, 19 Kids & Counting parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, shared their kiss at the wedding and called for other married couples to share theirs too to show there's nothing wrong with love and sex in marriage.

Family Time - Joseph and Adaeze Yobo With their Son

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Adaeze Yobo is busy completing her university education, but she makes time for her husband, Joseph Yobo and son, Joey. Yesterday, the couple went out on a date night, and today, she shared the picture above calling them her clique.

Many people who marry young sometimes cannot cope, but Adaeze has allowed herself grow up quickly and is making it work for her. Kudos!

Big Bang Theory Leads Most Popular Fall TV Shows

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The Fall TV season has almost two months under it's belt so the guys at Outbrain decided to take a look for the most popular, going beyond the on-air ratings to online content – and what audiences are most tuned into.

RML Woman: Monique Kwachou - Cameroonian Writer, Youth Advocate and Chevening Scholar

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Monique Kwachou is a Cameroonian writer, youth advocate, blogger and currently a Chevening Scholar. She is studying for an M.A in Education, Gender and International Development at the Institute of Education, London.