Friday, November 7, 2014

Giant Condom Erected Over A Statue In Sydney

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The giant condom was erected over a large obelisk statue at Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia as part of an advance World AIDS Day campaign to raise awareness of the need to use protection against AIDS, HIV and other STD’s.

Kim Kardashian Goes Back To Skinny And Blonde For #FlashBackFriday

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Though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wore matching black tuxedos for their date night yesterday to Theophilus London's album release party, some have noted that she seemed not to be having fun. But in these images the reality star shared on Instagram, it's the opposite.

She tagged them, "#FBF Tony Duran shoot 2009 #BlondeHair" and looked really into it. See more below...

Loretta Lynch Would Be First Ever Black Woman Attorney General in U.S. History

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That is if she is approved. President Obama is reported to have decided, but yet to announce Loretta Lynch as his nominee for the post of US Attorney General following the resignation of Eric Holder last month.

Facebook Provides Ebola Donate Button For Users To Give Directly To Charities

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Last month, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, announced that he and his wife were donating $25 million to help fight Ebola, through the Centers for Disease Control Foundation to empower all those fighting the deadly virus around the world.

Today, Facebook has added an Ebola button so that individual users who want to donate to charities fighting the disease can do that directly from their profile pages.

#SerenaFriday @serenawilliams Confesses She Desperately Wants Marriage And Children

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Serena Williams just finished a Twitter Q & A session with her fans during which someone asked her, "Do you ever want to settle down and have children?”

Her reply was deep and heartfelt, "Desperately. My time will come." She also admitted that she was single, but not by choice.

Model Ify Jones Slams Iyanya's Topless Photos - And I Totally Agree With Her

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It may be the drama with Yvonne Nelson last year, I called him a douchebag then, but Iyanya is so unattractive to me.

So I was totally nodding my head as I read Nigerian international model Ify Jones tweets that the topless pictures Iyanya regularly shares on his social media do nothing for her.

Famous Surgeon Ben Carson Declares White House Bid With Documentary - A Breath of Fresh Air

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Dr. Ben Carson's Gifted Hands was one the first motivational books I read and it made a big impact on my personal development. So I'm excited to know that he's declared that he wants to join the race to the White House come 2016 as a republican candidate.

Kelly Ripa Explains Why She's Mom Not Friend To Her Teenage Daughter

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Kelly Ripa is an actress best known for her Morning Show, Live with Kelly and Michael, and as a guest on the Wendy Williams Show, Kelly has just confessed that her oldest daughter, Lola, 13, isn't her biggest fan, and she's cool with that.

#FeelEmFriday- Football Players Go Nude To Aid Cancer Awareness For Men

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I confess that I didn't know that to check for testicular cancer, you have to look for lumps in the man's balls. Well, we learn everyday. It's all about the balls. October is Cancer Awareness month for women and November is for men. Remeber #NoShaveNovember?

Pre-wedding Photos - OC Ukeje and Fiancee Ibukun Togonu Bickersteth

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Yesterday, actor OC Ukeje teased us with one picture from his pre-wedding photoshoot with his fiancee, Ibukun Togonu-Bickersteth. Today the photographer, Chyder5Photography, has released a lot more photos.

King Sunny Ade Likes Them Dark-skinned - Shows Off His Many Wives

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King Sunny Ade, one of Nigeria's premier Afro Juju musicians, is a traditionalist and believes in having many wives. According to some reports, he has 7 wives, others say there are more than seven, and the seven named wives are the officials ones. See all of them below...

53-Year-Old Has Performance Scorecard For All The 140 Men She Has Slept With

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Many people are ashamed of their so-called 'body count' but not 53 year old Sandy Nardo, who not just keeps track of the names of all the men she's had sex with over the years, but has a scorecard too. And for the mom of one, there are 140 men on her list.

Woman Has Sperm Extracted From Dying Fiancé So She Can Have His Baby

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22-year-old Stephanie Lucas has decided to give her fiance, Cameron Robinett, what he's always wanted, children of his own, even though he is almost dead.

After a tragic motorcycle crash on Friday left 25-year-old Cameron Robinett brain dead, his family were in the difficult process of deciding to turn off his life support machines when Stephanie came up with the idea of sperm extraction.

Omoni Oboli Looks Smashing As She Switches Up Natural Hair Look With Wigs

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Omoni Oboli did the 'big chop' earlier this year to start a natural hair journey as she wanted to live a generally healthier lifestyle as she got older.

But recently, the actress, mother and director has been switching up her look with wigs, and it shows she's just one of those people who look gorgeous either way. Below are some of her smashing looks...

Short Story - The Day Boko Haram Killed My Brother

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By Onyinye Orabuike

The day started like any other until it was not. My brother was an officer in the Nigerian Army and everyday we prayed that he would survive. He was my eldest and only brother, and had stood in for both my parents since my mother died 2 years ago. I was the youngest and never knew my father.

First, my sister called and told me our brother's latest assignment that put him face to face with the terrorists and something was wrong. I couldn't believe it and dialled my brother's line immediately.

RML Woman : Funke Phillips - Mom and Business Woman

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Funke Phillips is the mum of 3 adorable girls. She runs a business that deals in the supply of gifts and souvenir items in Lagos. Three words she uses to describe herself are weird, funny and random.

Her favorite thing to do is to read.....and yes, she loves watching movies too. Not to forget she loves food. And wine. And beer. Check out our RML Exclusive chat below...