Friday, October 31, 2014

Police Asks Drivers To Return Cash They Took After Armored Money Truck Accident

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Several thousands of dollars was scattered on the freeway today during morning commute on I-270 in Baltimore, Maryland after the door of an armored money truck burst open.

Police say commuters stopped right in the middle of the highway to grab the cash, adding that the money came from an armored car from the GardaWorld security company.

#LookuLooku - Don Jazzy And The Mavins Post Scary Pictures In New Trend

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@Donjazzy has created a new trend and the hashtag is now one of the top ones on Nigerian social media. The artists on the label including Don Jazzy himself, and Tiwa Savage above, have posted distorted pictures of themselves on Instagram with the tag #lookulooku. Now, they're encouraging their fans to do the same. Check out the others below...

Woman Charged With Having Sex With A Dog After Police Find Incriminating Videos On Her Phone

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25 year old Jenna Louise Driscoll has been charged with bestiality after police discovered three videos on her mobile phone which allegedly show her having sex with a dog.

She was originally being investigated for drug trafficking when officers searched her phone and reportedly discovered a number of shocking videos.

#SpaceShipTwo - Virgin Galactic Rocket Crashes In The US Mojave Desert

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The #SpaceShipTwo crash has rather put a damper on excitement about commercial space travel being safe and available within a few years. Virgin Galactic, a British spaceflight company with aims of bringing suborbital tourism flights to the public, says it has suffered an "anomaly" on one of it's space ships today during a test flight over the Mojave Desert in California.

Happy Halloween - Beyonce Dresses As Janet Jackson, Blue Ivy As MJ

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Beyonce has always been open about how much she has always loved Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson since she was a little girl. She is showing their influence this Halloween as she was spotted wearing Janet Jackson’s famous ‘Rhythm Nation’ costume last night.

And also Blue Ivy was dressed as Michael Jackson. She was photographed with Jay Z carrying her during a trick or treat outing. And also with her dressed up mama Bey.

#JollofGate - Showing Jamie Oliver Real Jollof Rice

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So #jollofgate is trending, because after weeks of a slow boil, west Africans are now simmering with anger that oyinbo whiteman britico Jamie Oliver dared to cook where he did not parboil. Pun aplenty, yeah? That how unserious I think this hashtag is.

Because is there really a "real jollof rice"? Below are some of what I've cooked and called jollof rice in my time.

Yahoo Travel Writer Says “Lagos, Nigeria is the Worst Place on Planet Earth”

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Lee Abbamonte recently visited Lagos through the Nigeria-Benin border and his experience is not one he hopes to experience ever again. The travel writer for Yahoo also wouldn't want anyone else to go through that same hell as he called Lagos, "the worst place on planet earth."

Chelsea Handler Protests Instagram Topless Policy Over Russian President Putin

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Chelsea Handler must be missing the attention from her recently concluded talk show, because the shock jock has now gone on a social media offensive against Instagram on their topless policy against women's posted pictures.

Boko Haram Ravages Nigeria - Bomb Explosion In Gombe Claims 30, Mubi Taken Over

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Nigeria is again on fire after it seems the cease-fire declared by the federal government has failed to keep the Boko Haram terrorists at bay.

Doyin Okupe was acting all defensive in an interview I saw him in, where he tried to explain that Boko Haram works in factions and it appears they only spoke with one of the faction.

Willow Smith Goes With Nude Cover For New Music - Female Energy Freestyle

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Willow Smith went with a surprisngly grown up cover as she drops a couple of new single ahead of the release of her new LP - 3. Willow turned 14 years old today, and the music are like an early celebration.

The first, a freestyle titled "Female Energy," samples lyrics from Jhene Aiko’s “The Pressure”, and the other track "Cares" are both are smooth listening and have a new age feel, kinda like some work that Erykah Badu has done in the past. Check them out below...

19 Year Old Planning Country Tour Wants Men To Pay Her To Visit Them, Is This Prostitution?

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19-year-old Ju Peng from Shanghai sparked a social media storm when she posted an ad on Chinese website, Weibo, detailing her travel plans. She has found a unique way to fund her once-in-a-lifetime round trip around her country which involves sleeping with a different man in every city she stops in.

18 Questions To Ask When Looking for a Wedding Venue

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By Kathreen Miller

Are you getting married soon and you can't decide on the venue to host your wedding? While selecting a venue for your wedding, don't let these important details slip from your mind or you'll have some serious wedding party jitters.

Usually when one selects a venue for wedding, he gets spellbound by the interiors of the place - shiny floorings, crystal chandeliers and inviting bar displays and forgets asking about things that matter the most.

Tiny Finally Speaks On Permanently Changed Eye Color - ‘I have The Right, It’s My Body’

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Tiny Harris is an ex-singer from the girl band Xscape, and has been married to rapper T.I since 2010 though they've been together starting from 2001 and have 2 children together. He loves her, she loves him, and they even have a reality show together. Yet, she is one of the most criticized women in black showbiz. From her height to her figure, everything about her is mocked and made fun of on social media.

Chichi Igbo Reacts to Hateful Meme Labelling Her A Dyke

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Nigeria is one of the homophobic countries in the world. In addition to the national assembly passing a bill making it illegal for homosexual relationships, and the president signing it into law, even individual Nigerians go as far as cyber bulling gays, both known and unknown.

4 Lessons After Traditional Marriage Fails Woman Dumped By Billionaire Ex-Husband

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45 year old Nneka Mercy Ogbedo got married to her Nigerian billionaire ex-husband, Olorogun Moses Taiga in a traditional wedding in Nigeria back in 2002. By then, they were already parents to twins, but he soon got tired of the marriage, and dissolved it in the customary way.