Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cheating Man Ordered to Pay $5K for Taking Girlfriend's Virginity

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A married chinese man who had sex with his virgin girlfriend after telling her he was single has been ordered to pay an equivalent of $5,000 in compensation.

A People's Court in Pudong New Area had ordered the man, surnamed Li, to pay his younger lover, surnamed Chen, the money in compensation for violating her "virginity right".

This is the first time I'm hearing about virginity as a right, and a man being made to pay back for it in such a situation. I'm still thinking whether it is a good or bad thing. Read on for the full story according to SCMP,

Gone Too Far - Comedy With OC Ukeje Premieres Oct 10 In London

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Gone Too Far! follows two estranged teenage brothers over the course of a single day as they meet for the first time and struggle to accept each other for who they are.

When London teenager Yemi's big brother comes to live with him from Nigeria, Ikudayisi's terrible fashion sense, broad Yoruba accent and misplaced confidence with the opposite sex threaten to destroy Yemi's already small amount of street cred.

When the pair are forced to spend the day together on their Peckham estate Yemi is forced to confront local bullies, the unattainable girl of his dreams and his own African heritage, eventually teaching both of them the values of family and self-respect.

Meredith Vieira Shares Her Personal Story of Domestic Violence on New Talk Show

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Meredith Vieira will be discussing the topic of domestic violence and the hashtag #WhiIStayed on today's episode of her brand new afternoon talk show.

As activists continue to raise awareness on DV following the stories of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson in the NFL, the former Who Wants to be a Millionaire host will be sharing a personal story of the experiences she had with an abusive boyfriend many years ago. She told ABC;

"It started out with, we’d have a fight and he’d just sort of grab my arm. I didn’t think a lot about it, and then it turned into pushing me against the wall and then it went beyond that to actually taking his hand and grabbing my face and saying, ‘I could ruin your career if I wanted to and no one would want you.'"

"Then there was the night that, we shared an apartment, and he threw me into a shower, naked in scalding water and then he threw me outside into the hallway, we lived in an apartment building, and I hid in the stairwell for two hours until he came again crying, and said ‘I promise I won’t do this again.’ And I continued to stay in that relationship until I was offered a job in another state and that’s where I felt I had the ability to get away."

Beyonce Shares Pictures From Her Birthday - See Bee-Jeweled Birthday Hat

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Beyoncé turned 33 on Sept 4 and now she has shared the pictures from that day on her website.

We can see that Beyonce celebrated in a low key style with family and friends, but check out that custom birthday hat encrusted with jeweled bees!

There was even a jewel-encrusted crown reading "Queen Bey" along with the rest. Wow!

She even shared a picture of her as a little girl :)

On Linda Ikeji Posting About Brand New 2014 Range Rover On Her Blog

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Top Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji got herself the 2014 Range Rover, said to cost N24million, for her birthday. She shared the photos of the new toy and her fleet of expensive cars on her blog, saying;

"Yay! My dad finally gave me permission to buy the 2014 Range Rover and I'm beyond happy. I've wanted this car for so long but he was against me buying it. But it's my birthday this Friday and he finally agreed that I could buy it for myself as a birthday present."

Now, a few poeple seem to think there is something off about sharing the pictures of the cars on her blog. Thelma Thinks posted 16 Thoughts on the announcement asking,

"Is she just proud of her achievements and trying to encourage others, or is she trying to make people jealous? Hmmm *thinking*. Ok, why is she showing us her three cars side by side? Now she's just rubbing it in jor!"

Introducing #CockLocks For Men Who Cheat And The Women Who Love Them

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Introducing #CockLocks. For all my ladies in committed relationships with male thots but refuse to leave because the D IS TOO DAMN GOOD. Cock block your man 24/7 with one of these #CockLocks only for 3 easy payments of $69.99. ORDER YOUR TODAY!!!!!

And so Instagram user @Sixteenz captioned a picture of several designs of this device that looks like it will fit a flaccid male penis to a T. I'm thinking there's a design flaw somewhere but those massive locks just won't allow me pay attention. LOL...

Somebody tell me this is just for jokes, please. But if for real, will you get one for yourself, if you're a man, or if you're a woman, for your spouse?

Pregnant Woman's Story of Wicked Mother-in-Law Abandoning Her At Train Station Goes Viral

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This very sad, true life story of a 3 months old pregnant lady who shared her story on reddit has gone viral. Check it out and let's discuss.

From day one, my mother and father in law have been pretty aggressive and hostile toward me. I try to shrug it off or laugh but what happened last night really shook me. I am three months pregnant at the moment. We went to tell my husband's parents about it. Well, neither of them took the news very well.

His father yelled that he wanted nothing to do with "the little bastard" and stormed off. His mother grabbed my arm and started to lead me out the door, saying she wanted to take a drive to talk with me. My husband agreed to stay behind to talk to his dad. During the car ride, his mom was silent while I began to basically yammer on until I noticed fifteen minutes in that we were entering the freeway.

I asked her repeatedly where we were going. I started to get scared and wanted to get out but I was just paralyzed with fear. I had forgotten my cellphone and purse at home, stupidly, so I was at her mercy. His mom dropped me off at a train station about an hour and 30 mins away. She started to tell me to get out of the car. I begged her not to leave me but she ended up getting out and yanking me into the sidewalk before speeding off...

At Least 17 Dead In Explosion and Gun Attack On Kano College of Education

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Multiple reports say that the Federal College of Education, Kano is under attack by unknown gunmen after a bomb explosion on the school premises. The gunmen are said to be shooting students who try to flee. According to MSN;

Students and workers at the Federal College of Education in the Kofar Kabuga area of the city fled in panic as shots rang out and an explosion ripped through the campus at about 2:00 pm (1300 GMT).

There was no official confirmation from local police and no immediate indication of the number of casualties but two witnesses told AFP they saw at least five vehicles taking away casualties.

Woman With Vitiligo Transformed With Make-up After 17 Years Of Horrendous Bullying

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Lisa had a normal, happy childhood until she noticed a white mark on her body when she was around seven years old, then it developed on to her leg and just kept spreading. Lisa suffered horrendous bullying while growing up with vitiligo and has bad memories of that period of her life.

"When I was in high school the kids were very mean to me. 'The abuse, the name-calling and the fighting were all very difficult to deal with. I would just go home and cry - I would always run home straight to my sister, she has always had my back and fought my battles for me.

I'm just so glad I had somebody there who would stick up for me and help me through the difficult times. The years of bullying have led me to always expect the worst when I'm out in public. It's really difficult.'

After 17 years of this suffering, Lisa has turned to a skin specialist, Dr Pearl Grimes, who recommended 'a course of Narrowband UV light therapy which should re-colour her skin.'

Depressed Mom Drowns Her Toddler, Then Jumps to Death With 5 Year Old Son

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Katherine Hooper and five-year-old son Joshua Patterson were killed when they fell between 80-100 feet from Lowman Tor at Haytor Rock on Dartmoor last July. When police later went to her family home in Paignton, Devon, they discovered her youngest son Sam dead in a double bed.

An inquest at Torquay, Devon, heard that a suicide note was found by police hidden within a book on a shelf at her home. It was not dated but detectives believe it was written a couple of weeks before the tragic triple deaths.

A coroner has ruled that Kat, as she was known, killed herself but unlawfully killed Joshua. He returned an open verdict on toddler Sam.

The hearing was told after a Dutch holidaymaker sent police a photo which showed Kat and Joshua on the rock in the moments before they fell to their deaths.

Injuries Adrian Peterson Inflicted On 4-Year-Old Son During Spanking - Photos

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Last week, Adrian Peterson, running back for Minnesota Vikings was indicted on charges of child abuse for punishing an 11yr old with a switch.

It was then revealed over the weekend that he had also beaten another of his sons, a 4 year old, in the same way. And now picture of the little boy's injuries have come online.

According to TMZ, Adrian Peterson turned himself over to authorities early Saturday morning on child abuse charges ... accused of beating his 4-year-old son with a tree branch ... hitting him so hard it left welts and caused him to bleed.

Peterson actually admitted to cops he gave his son "a whooping" and says it's the same treatment he got as a kid.  Peterson's lawyer adds that his client "deeply regrets the unintentional injury."

What do you think, can this kind of beating on such a little one be justified for any reason? And how come he's smiling in that mugshot? SMH...

Daddy Time - Julius Agwu At Water Park With His Daughter on 5th Birthday

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Proud #Daddies! Julius Agwu and his friends Toju Onuwaje, Alali Maclayton, and MikeEke showed off their children as they all played at the Schlitterbahn WaterPark in Texas. So cute!

See more pictures and video below...

Pink Belles - Annie Idibia, Bolanle Olukanni, Ene Maya, Ono Bello, Veronica Odeka, Ugonna Omeruo

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The September/October issue of Genevieve Magazine is a combination of style and all things PINK as they countdown to the Genevieve PinkBall for Breast Cancer awareness and treatment.

For the photoshoot above, 9 stylish ladies express their optional looks for the upcoming PinkBall where attendees are asked to wear pink. The stylish ladies include Annie Idibia, Bolanle Olukanni, Ene Maya, Ono Bello, Veronica Odeka, Ugonna Omerua, Isi Atagamen, Jumai Shaba and Liz Yemoja.

The cover features Amaka Osakwe; fashion designer and founder of Maki Oh, who speaks on her label, breaking boundaries and on Michelle Obama wearing her designs. This issue

How Couple Who Have 32 Year Age Gap Have Stayed Married For 15years!

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36-year old Chris, met Norma now 68, when he was just 18 at a holiday camp and proposed to her shortly after he turned 21. Interestingly, they have been living happily together as a couple in Brighton for 15 years now.

Many have wondered how they do it when people of almost the same age can't even cope with each other. On how they met, Chris recalls;

"I saw her one night and I was going to ask if she wanted a drink with me but I lost my bottle. "Another night I offered her a piggy back and it went from there."

South African President Announce 67 SA Citizens Dead in Collapsed Synagogue Church Building

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South African president, Jacob Zuma has announced that 67 SA citizens perished when a Synagogue church building collapsed last week. The building approval for the collapsed SCOAN structure is still missing, and NEMA has said that only about 50 bodies have been recovered so far.

The guest house is under the management of TB Joshua and the Synagogue Church and had collapsed on September 12th while construction was going on to raise it from 3 stories to 5 without approval from the state or local government.

The South Africans who were lodged there were in Nigeria to seek spiritual help from TB Joshua, and while some have been pulled alive from the rubble, it is clear now that more lives than we thought were lost.

Below is the full statement by South African president, Jacob Zuma.