Sunday, September 7, 2014

Police Officer Investigated For Taking Selfies With Suicide Victim About to Jump From Bridge

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A policeman who is supposed to be on duty was busy taking a SELFIE as a man prepared to jump to his death from a bridge.

During the desperate man's final moments, the selfie-obsessed cop is seen posing for snapshot just feet away.

The clearly distressed man is caught in the background of the sick shot, clinging to the bridge in the Turkish capital Istanbul.

Just seconds later he leapt almost 600ft to his death, after attempts by other officers to talk him down failed.

But a picture of the policeman's heartless selfie has sparked fury in Turkey, and the officer in question now faces an investigation.

Man Jailed For Deliberately Infecting Lover With HIV

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A 45 year old man identified as Alan Mason has been jailed for deliberately infecting his girlfriend with HIV, and “ruining her life”, a court heard today.

Alan Mason, knew he had the virus but still had unprotected sex with his 39-year-old lover. She only learned the truth when she visited her doctor because she was feeling ill.

Mason had known for five years that he had the virus.

He was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm.

Uganda Expresses Fears Over Boom in Children Being Adopted Overseas

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Where do you stand over children being adopted out of their country, especially if they are adopted by parents of a different race? Does it matter? I had expressed the desire to adopt from Nigeria, but you'll be surprised how complicated the whole process is. I salute parents who adopt, irrespective of where they choose to do it, but this article has got me thinking.

Authorities in Uganda have raised fears that the country's children are being left vulnerable to abuse and exploitation by a staggering increase in unchecked overseas adoptions.

An official report, details of which were published on Tuesday by a local newspaper, said a boom in what it called the "international adoption industry" had led to some children who were not even orphans being taken into care for adoption or child sponsorship schemes.

The report also said there was no system for the government to track adoptions, leaving children at risk of being kidnapped or trafficked.

"There is no assurance that their fundamental rights have been respected and thus abduction, sale or trafficking of children cannot be ruled out," the paper quoted Uganda's Auditor General John Muwanga as saying.