Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maternity Style - Uche Jombo Out And About

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Uche Jombo was out with friends and shared this picture on Instagram. Lovely outfit...

Bill Gates Bathes Himself In Ice Water After Mark Zuckerberg Passes On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Bill Gates happily did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg - the first Billionaire to pour ice water on his head for the charity - passed it on to him, LOL...

Everyone gets to challenge three people to do the ice shower, and Bill Gates has named Elon Musk, TED curator Chris Anderson, and Ryan Seacrest of E!
The NBA got in on the action when Basketballer, Stephen Curry got his teammates to join him in accepting the challenge, and then he passed it on to Barack Obama, Oprah, and NBA commissioner Adam Silver. I know I want to see Oprah do this.

Click below to see a video of Bill Gates and other billionaires including Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Mark Zuckerberg get dunked in Ice Water, LOL...

Ebola Infected Nigerian Doctor Recovers, Discharged From Quarantine

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Doctor Ameyo Adadevoh has recovered and has been discharged from the Isolation centre in Lagos. Dr. Ameyo is a senior consultant doctor at the First Consultant Hospita where Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American who brought Ebola into the country was treated, and she was among the first Nigerians who tested positive with Ebola virus.

According to Nigerian Vanguard, the Director of Communication and Community Mobilisation for the Nigerian Emergency Operation Centre on Ebola Virus Disease, Adebayo Onajole, confirmed to media that Adadevoh had been discharged.

He however  declined to give further details, saying  the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, would hold a press conference later tonight to fully brief the media about the doctor’s recovery.

The Photo Of Jim Iyke With A Baby That Got Everybody Talking

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Jim Iyke sure likes to be in the news one way or another. The controversial actor shared this photo of him carrying a mixed race baby with some interesting tags.

“Allow me to introduce my cute lil fella folks: #obama #Nadia’s Angel #ProudestFatherAlive."

Tagging the photo with Nadia's angel and proudest father alive cetainly got many of his fans asking when Nadia got pregnant and had the baby.

So how true was this story?

Woman Claims To Be Blue Ivy's Mother - Files Maternity Suit Against Beyonce And JayZ

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A woman in New York named Tina Seals has filed a maternity suit against Beyonce and Jay-Z claiming that she is Blue Ivy’s mother. In the court documents she claims she was “previously associated” with the couple and is asking “to verify whether she is the biological mother.”

Apparently, the story has gained some legs because of recent rumors that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship is strained — plus, Beyonce was famously rumored to have used a surrogate and allegedly “faked” her pregnancy for the media.

So could Tina Seals really be the mother of Blue Ivy?

Marriage Is An Impossible Fusion - Charly Boy

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A soulmate marriage does not at all mean that you have found someone you match up with on all the cards – on all the issues, on everything. That would be the most deadly dull thing to even imagine. Instead, it means you've found someone and they don't ever want to blow out that little light inside you. And you feel the same way about them.

Growing up, seeing my Dad and Mum play the happy couple,  holding hands, stealing kisses, made marriage look so easy and beautiful. Hummmm for where?

Don't get it twisted, I saw them argue and quarrel as if they couldn't stand each other, but the next minute, they were back to their normal routine of holding hands and stealing kisses, even till my father passed at 97.

Horrifying Photos Show How Ebola In Liberia Is Taking A Toll On Victims And Families

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The death toll of this most recent Ebola outbreak, which started in Guinea, but has spread through Liberia, Sierra Leone, and with a small pocket in Nigeria, has been put at 1,069.

Doctors Without Borders president, Joanne Liu, had earlier said it will take 6 months to bring the epidemic under control. Liu met with Ebola patients and doctors in a 10-day trip to the worst affected areas, and said the outbreak felt like 'wartime, in terms of fear and nobody knowing what is going on'.

Photographer John Moore visited Liberia, where Ebola has taken a lot of lives, and his pictures put the visuals to Joanne Lui's words. These are sad images of loss, grief, pain, despair and horror as an innocent people grapple with a disease that is killing off their loved ones.

Family Time - Mercy Johnson's Husband Joins Her In The US For Wedding Anniversary

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Mercy Johnson and husband Odianose Okojie got married back in 2011 amid some drama, but they have moved on since. The actress who is currently in the United States to welcome her second child says he has arrived to join her and daughter Purity for double celebrations this month. The happy wife and mom shared these pictures with the caption;
"Hey peeps,waited all night yesterday at the airport for My Hope.cant wait to activate the celebration mode. And at last,wedding anniversary/birthday mode glad he made it. Welcome babe,now Baltimore will be fun"
More love and years to them.

7 Weight Loss Tips That Are Completely False

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Losing weight is tricky enough without having to figure out which pointers are the real deal and which are full of hot air. The following tips are a bit shaky, beware!

1. Eat Lots of Mini Meals Throughout the Day
You’ve heard that you should eat several small meals a day to lose weight—but no. Counting calories actually matters more than how many meals you eat daily, according to a new study.

2. Watch Your Scale Like a Hawk
A recent study found that women who put the emphasis on the process of dropping pounds rather than the number on the scale actually have better luck.

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One [Music Video Romance]

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The music video for Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One is directed by Luke Monaghan and features Dianna Agron as an unhappy wife and Chris Messina as the philandering husband.

Agron’s character must have somehow found out about her husband’s indiscretions but she chooses not to confront him and instead bottles it up within her. When he is not there, she lets loose on the pain inside her, proceeding to uncork a bottle of white wine in the middle of her neighborhood liquor store, drink away her problems, and then eventually set fire to Messina’s possessions.

And as seems accepted in these music videos, she cleans up her tears and her mess, and welcomes him back home at the end like everythings OK. I guess that's the power of love. Count me out, sha.

Meet Larue Drummond - The Woman With The 14-Inch Long Nails

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Larue Drummond, 54-year-old mother of four, used to be a chronic nail biter as a child, biting her nails to her cuticles until they bled. But according to Larue all that changed when she met a woman at the super market with long nails, who told her, 'when you look after your nails, they will look after you.'

She stopped biting her nails and began to grow them long. Eight years ago, the big fan of nail art decided to stop cutting her nails entirely and has spent not less than $10,000 since then to maintain them.

Some people are very curious about how Ms Drummond manages everyday tasks with her 14-inch talon and she insists she cooks and does other everyday tasks easily. She said:

‘People stop me wherever I go and ask about my nails. I'm always happy to talk about them.
‘The most frequently asked question is how do I go to the bathroom. I tell them, “the same way as you do. If you know of another way, let me know.”’

Ini Edo Shows Off Her Slim Shape In New Photos

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Ini Edo has been working out and it is beginning to pay off. The Nollywood actress shared some recent pictures where she accentuates her new slimmer waist with various belts.

The fashionable lady also shared a few snaps from the set of the movie she is working on, featuring Susan Peters, Mike Godson and more.

See the pictures below...

A Survivor Of Ebola On How She Beat It And Words Of Encouragement For Current Patients

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Gloria is among a handful of survivors of a 2012 Ebola outbreak [23 cases with 17 dead] in the Kibaale district of western Uganda. She has spoken out about what Ebola did to her body, how she beat it, and what it was like return to a community where everyone was afraid of her.

Julia Belluz: How did you come into contact with the Ebola virus?

Gloria Tumwijuke: I was seeing a mother who had had a pregnancy for five months, and she came into the hospital bleeding. The mother was bleeding in the mouth, nose, and ears. They carried her into the hospital on a mattress, and the mattress was covered with blood. She couldn't talk. I was getting her history and found out her relatives had passed away, her husband died. All of her children died.

I started cleaning her, putting all the fluids in her, giving her antibiotics. After removing the fetus, she kept severely bleeding. The baby was already dead. I cared for her for six hours but eventually she died. She had Ebola. I ended up getting Ebola.