Friday, August 15, 2014

Female Teacher Applicants in Brazil Have To Prove They Are Virgin Or Not Sexually Active

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At first I could not quite believe my eyes when I came across this story, but it is real and, as you might expect, it is all over the news.

The education department of the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populous, requires prospective female teachers to undergo a Pap smear to prove they are free of cancers, or to present a doctor’s certificate verifying that they are not sexually active.

Until recently, it also required women to have a colposcopy, a type of visual examination used to detect disease.

Women’s rights campaign groups have denounced the requirement as a gross violation of women’s privacy and their human dignity. Ana Paula de Oliveira Castro, a public defender of women’s issues in Sao Paulo, said:

Femi Fani Kayode Believes Patrick Sawyer's Travel to Nigeria Was A Bio-Terrorism Conspiracy

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Femi Fani-Kayode is pulling no punches when it comes to the issue of Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American index case and Ebola victim in Nigeria. The politician and opinionist took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the subject which include conspiracy theories on bioterrorism.

He writes;

I disagree with those who have described Patrick Sawyer as a madman. He was not mad at all but just evil. He was a man that was on a mission. That mission was to spread the ebola virus to Nigeria and to infect and kill as many people as possible with it.

He was an evil man with an evil intention and purpose. Worst still he was not working alone. Some people, and I mean rich, powerful and well-connected people, were working with him. As a matter of fact they sent him on the mission.

Karrueche Tran Confirms Split With Chris Brown

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Karrueche Tran has somehow confirmed that her on-now-off-again relationship with Chris Brown may be on the off setting. One of her followers on Twitter asked Karrueche Tran about Chris Brown, saying;

"So @karrueche ya man Chris got in a accident with Kendall jenner last night! Thoughts?"

The aspiring model and stylist replied shortly, "He's not my man"

But this is just for the moment, who knows what might happen tomorrow?

See the screen grab below...

'19 Kids and Counting' Jessa Duggar Engaged And Can Finally Hold Hands With Fiance

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Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are engaged after courting for almost a year, and made the big announcement to People magazine this morning.

The young couple are just now allowed to hold hands, but like her older sister, they are saving their first kiss until their wedding day. But a sweet part of their announcement is that they’re already planning to have 20 or more kids of their own.

Jessa and Ben are looking to have a big family just like her parents Jim Bob and Michelle, and the couple are also planning to add adoption to their means of building their family.

While Ben says that he’s leaving their baby making plans in “God’s hands,” the couple is looking to break tradition by opening up their home to children in need. Jessa said:

Aisha Falode Writes Open Letter To Son's Killers Six Months After His Death

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Sports broadcaster Aisha Falode is still seeking justice for her 19-year-old son, Tyler Fray, who fell, or was thrown from the rooftop of a 17-storey building on February 15th 2014 in Dubai [read story].

Since then no one has been charged for the incident by the Dubai police. Aisha Falode writes;

In years gone by, I read detective books and watched Crime series depicting how murderers sleep at night. How they wake up in sweat with nightmarish images of the soul they had taken, and are so filled with dread and guilt of their crime that they spend their night dripping hot, sticky sweat of horror at what they had done.

How they stare at the night, wishing somehow it would never come, I mean, murderers live in such fear wishing they could turn the hands of the clock or go back in time and re-enact the whole scene of their evil deed, so as to reverse the killing of their innocent victim.

Covers - The Undeniable Appeal Of Idris Elba On Details Magazine

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Idris Elba may be going silver, but this dad of two is still as hot as ever. Idris and girlfriend Naiyana Garth welcomed their son, Winston Elba, back in April [here] and he has an older daughter, twelve years old who lives with his ex-wife.

The actor, model and DJ, who continues to work in all these areas, made headlines last week for a massive bulge in his pants, though it turned out to be a wire mic, while shooting his latest movie.

In these new photoshoot for Details magazine promoting the movie, A Hundred Streets, Idris Elba shows off his chiselled chest and abs. Feast your eyes, ladies :)

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Toned Butt On Cover Of New Single

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Jennifer Lopez proves you can be 45 and still be fit and toned. Before the likes of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj came on the bootilicious scene, I remember that J Lo was the only booty game in town. And she still got it!

The songstress proved that with the cover art for her song – Booty featuring Pitbull.

How do you think this compares with the other cover art that shows some booty, that is Nicki Minaj and her racy “Anaconda" artwork?

Fiction - Please Come Home To Me

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By Nnamdi Okose

It hadn’t started raining everyday…

It hadn’t started raining everyday when you left or I did not notice. There was little I noticed when you were in the room. I liked pretending, eye glasses pinned low on tip of nose, flipping through Mancur Olsen’s book on stagflation. But my mind was always far from economics or anything else whenever you were there.

You never saw me peeking at the stretch marks etched across your buttocks like the scratch marks of a cat. As you bounded across the room wearing nothing but different coulours of that leopard spotted panties I liked so much but didn’t tell you; I wondered if you knew how seamlessly the stretch marks complimented those leopard spots…

I guess I never told you a lot. Like all the things I liked about you. The way you rubbed your eyes furiously when they itched. The way your smile grew so wide it was difficult not to smile with you.

Beyonce Under Fire For Photoshop Fail

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When Beyonce shared the photo above, it quickly went viral but for all the wrong reasons. You see, someone had noticed that the phone, couch and the wine glass in the image look kinda warped and they concluded that could only have happened in the photoshop process to make her thighs look slimmer.

It is possible that Beyonce used one of the widely available photo editing apps but the job wasn’t well done and that is why it's so obvious, but many are asking why she feels the need.

Some months go, Beyonce had also been slammed for altering her thighs to put in a gap as seen in the picture below...

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde And Her Family Spend Fun Day At The Theme Park

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Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has shared new pictures from her vacation with her family in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The whole family including her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde as well as their children, Princess, M.J., Meraiah and Michael spent the day at a theme park and were not scared to get on the rollercoasters. They were joined by photographer Reze Bonna and his family for a fun day.

In fact looking at Omotola and Captain above, I predict an outcome to all that fun :)

See more pictures below...

Another Lagos Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola And FG Postpones Resumption of Schools

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A doctor who attended to late Patrick Sawyer at the First Consultant Hospital has been confirmed positive with the Ebola virus. Speaking at a news conference today, the Nigerian Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu said the doctor is currently undergoing treatment at the quarantine centre in Lagos.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has reportedly approved the extension of the current holiday of primary and secondary schools across the country until further notice. NewTelegraph reports that the development, government stated, is part of measures to curb the spread of Ebola.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Matters, Comrade Jude Imagwe, who disclosed the postponement of school resumption in Abuja yesterday did not state how long the students would be on holiday.

On Nano Silver - Questions For Nigerian Health Officials, What Are They Hiding?

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In disclosing that Nigeria received an experimental drug called Nano Silver on Thursday, the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu said it came from a Nigerian scientist, but refused to give a name.

This should be good news, that there is now a drug to try to treat the eight Nigerians who have tested positive for Ebola, but the Minister not giving the name of the Nigerian researcher in the Diaspora who offered the Nano Silver drug made me ask, why the secrecy?

It is instructive to note that soon after the Nigerian announcement, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began to warn of products that fraudulently claim to prevent or treat Ebola.

Erica Jefferson, a spokeswoman for the FDA, said she could not provide any information about the product referenced by the Nigerians.

Get The Facts About Nano Silver, The First Experimental Treatment For Ebola In Nigeria

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As disclosed by the Minister of Health, Nano Silver is the first experimental treatment for the Ebola Virus to get to Nigeria for use of patients at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Lagos.

Ig you're like me, this is possibly the first time you're hearing about Nano Silver. So what do you need to know about it? After I posted this blog update yesterday, I was contacted by a US Doctor who has sent a letter introducing Nano Silver to Nigeria. She wrote;

As the medical doctor who wrote that Ebola was inactivated by Nano Silver to the President of Nigeria and the Minister of Health as well as the Presidents and Ministers of Heath of the other afflicted nations, I would be delighted to be contacted by you so that you can publish the full picture about how Nano Silver can be used for health promotion in Ebola and beyond it.

I have contacted Dr. Rima Laibow with some questions, and while I wait for her repy, I read through her website and research conclusions she provides about Nano Silver and the efficacy against Ebola.

Ebola Patients And Contacts In Quarantine Are Neglected And Poorer Ones Discriminated

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As the number of Ebola victims in Nigeria increased to 4 with the death of Justina Ejelonu, and a female doctor was confirmed to have the disease yesterday, the unsatisfactory situation of the  patients and suspected cases in isolattion is beginning to come to light.

An exclusive RML source close to those who had access to Justina Ejelonu before her death sent this to me;
Very sad. We did a lot to save her. She complained oxygen was being supplied to only the big wigs there and we sent two yesterday. 8 cylinders more were on their way today before she died. We made sure water was reconnected in the facility after it went off, and we increased pressuring the govt. We wrote to the minister and introduced a researcher on nanaosilver. They made contact and ordered it. The drug was ordered from US and is also on its way with a doctor and will arrive today.  I was so sure she was going to scale through. It's heartbreaking. I'll send you more info later