Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kim Kardashian On Finding Her Voice With Marriage And Motherhood

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Kim Kardashian has opened up on being outspoken since she had a daughter and got married to probably the most outspoken man in showbiz. She told People magazine;

'I think when you have a baby there's like no time for any like shit. 'Excuse my language. You don't have time for it and sometimes I see things and I'm like, "I'm not gonna let that slide. This person was wrong" or whatever.

'I'm feeling I speak my mind a little bit more after I've had our daughter. I don't know if it's a combination of being married to someone that's superhonest and open and says whatever he wants whenever he wants to or just not having time really for anything else but the truth and just being real."

Downton Abbey Announces Season 5 With Full Cast Photo And Character Stills

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PBS’ Masterpiece has released several brand new looks at Downton Abbey season 5, including the annual cast photo in front of their iconic home.

This year’s Downton Abbey group photo, pictured above, includes several notable additions: Robert’s dog is making his first appearance in the group photo as are Lady Mary and Branson’s respective children (the new actors for the kids were announced last week).

Several high-res Downton Abbey season 5 stills were also released by PBS/Masterpiece today. In them we see characters like Branson, Lord Gillingham, Lady Mary, Isobel Crawley, Bates and Anna, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, Thomas, Daisy, Cora, Branson, and others.

Savannah Guthrie, Today Show Anchor, Welcomes Baby Daughter

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Savannah Guthrie gave birth on Wednesday, Aug. 13, welcoming a baby daughter Vale Guthrie Feldman with her husband Michael Feldman.

This is the couple's first child, and the Today show anchor, 42, announced the birth of her daughter by sharing cute photos of baby Vale on the Today show and social media.

"My 3am wake up call sounds a lot different now. Sweeter…" Savannah said on Twitter with the picture below showing their whole little family.

#NMOS14 National Moment Of Silence For Victims Of Police Brutality #JusticeForMikeBrown

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A national moment of silence will honor police brutality victims, including 18-year-old Michael Brown, Thursday.

According to NBC News, as many as 50 cities in 30 states will host vigils. Feminista Jones spread the idea across social media due to recent incidents in Los Angeles, New York and Missouri.

Saturday afternoon, Michael Brown was shot and killed during a struggle with a police officer. Brown was unarmed.

Robin William's Widow Reveals He Had Parkinsons In Touching Statement About His Death

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In a follow-up to her earlier brief note confirming Robin Williams' death, his widow Susan Schneider has revealed a statement that reveals the actor and comedian, though sober, was suffering from anxiety and depression as well as the early stages of Parkinson's Disease. The statement reads;

“Robin spent so much of his life helping others. Whether he was entertaining millions on stage, film or television, our troops on the frontlines, or comforting a sick child — Robin wanted us to laugh and to feel less afraid.

Since his passing, all of us who loved Robin have found some solace in the tremendous outpouring of affection and admiration for him from the millions of people whose lives he touched. His greatest legacy, besides his three children, is the joy and happiness he offered to others, particularly to those fighting personal battles.

Aliko Dangote Donates N150Million For The Ebola Emergency Operation Centre in Lagos

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Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria and he has once again shown his philanthropic interest in the health sector in the country. He has through his foundation donated N150million to help in the fight of the spread of the Ebola virus in Nigeria.

Adienbong Adaga, the Chief Executive Officer, Aliko Dangote Foundation, announced the donation of N150 million for the establishment of an Ebola Emergency Operation Centre in Lagos.

Odaga relayed Dangote’s call to all Nigerians to join the federal government in the fight against Ebola, expressing optimism that the disease would be contained. She urged other philanthropists in the country to support government financially to curb the spread of Ebola.

#EbolaOutbreak - Nurse Who Escaped Quarantine To Enugu Has Returned, Shows No Symptoms

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The Lagos nurse who travelled to Enugu against medical advice is now back in Lagos and is under quarantine with her husband says Nigerian Minister for Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu.

The nurse, who had contact with Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, caused a stir when it was discovered that she had travelled to Enugu and had contact with at least 21 people.

However, Chukwu has confirmed that the nurse has so far not developed the symptoms as of the time of her trip. He said this in Abuja on Thursday.

“In Enugu yesterday, there were 21 secondary contacts with the nurse. But after investigations, there are only 6 secondary contacts now.

Nigeria Receives Nanosilver Experimental Treatment For Ebola Patients In Quarantine

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Nigeria has received Nanosilver, an experimental treatment protocol recommended by an unnamed Nigerian scientist in the diaspora to treat the Ebola virus, the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, has said.
“The only experimental drug we have now is Nanosilver, provided by a Nigerian scientist; details of the drug will be disclosed later to the media.

“However, we have 11 confirmed cases of Ebola in Nigeria, out of these, three are dead, Patrick Sawyer, a Nigeria nurse and ECOWAS protocol officer. Apart from Lagos, there is no Ebola case in any states of the federation."

Chukwu said the suspected cases that were reported in Abia, Anambra, and Abuja were investigated and proved negative.

Nigerian Mom Kills Daughter By Accident After Running Her Over While Parking Family Car

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A Nigerian mother living in the UK has accidentally knocked down and killed her own daughter while trying to park her car. 

Bolutito Shodipe was run over outside Hounslow West tube station in south-west London yesterday morning. Bolutito's mother was attempting to park her car outside the station at around 9.40am when she struck her child.

Police and London Ambulance Service paramedics tried to resuscitate Bolutito at the scene but she was later pronounced dead at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington.

The six-year-old's devastated family are 'coming to terms with this terrible accident'. A family statement released by police said:

Usher Raymond Says Getting Married At 28 Was His Best Mistake, He Doesn't Regret It

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Singer Usher Raymond has opened up about his marriage and divorce from Tameka Raymond in an interview with the September issue of O magazine.

The 35-year-old singer, who was married to stylist Tameka Foster from 2007 to 2009, reflects that the ending of his marriage was something beneficial. When asked about his best mistakes, Usher replied:
'Getting married at 28. Most people probably think I regret it because I ended up getting divorced, but it helped me learn that sometimes I think I know more than I actually do'.

Tobi Ashimolowo To Wed Toyin Omotayo, Shares Pre-wedding Photos

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Tobi Ashimolowo is getting set to walk down the aisle with Toyin Omotayo, and has shared some pre-wedding photos with his bride to be.

The love-struck fiance tagged the one above,

 The Future's Bright #faith #hope #love #destiny #future #sheputsthecolourinsideofmyworld #blessed #blessedisanunderstatement

Tobi, the other son of KICC's Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, will be walking down the aisle with Toyin Thelma Omotayo on Saturday, 18th October 2014 in Nigeria, as was made known at his brother, Tomi’s wedding which held at KICC Prayer City in Kent, United Kingdom last month.

See more details and pics below...

#Ebola - Liberian Minister Who Approved Patrick Sawyer's Travel To Nigeria Lashes Out At Critics

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Sebastian Muah, the Liberian Deputy Finance Minister who approved for a sick Patrick Sawyer to travel to Nigeria, has refused to apologize, lashing out instead when vocal critics on Facebook blamed him for letting Sawyer, a staff of the Ministry of Finance, leave Liberia for the ECOWAS conference in Nigeria.

Soon after Patrick Sawyer's death last month, when a Facebook user, Omar Tariq asked him why he had approved Sawyer's travel plans, Sebastian Muah said he does not owe anyone an explanation.

He also said that Patrick Sawyer told him he already tested negative for Ebola and that Liberian health officials did not place him on the Ebola danger list. Muah insisted he wasn't late Sawyer's doctor to stop him from traveling.

Read their full exchange below...

#Ebola - Patrick Sawyer's Wife Defends Husband's Decision to Travel To Nigeria

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Decontee Sawyer, the widow of late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian who brought Ebola into Nigeria, has defended her husband’s decision to travel to Nigeria, even though he knew he may have Ebola.

She insists his decision was not a reckless one [The Liberian President declared Patrick's act reckless, while Nigerian President Jonathan called him a 'crazy man'] but an indictment on the healthcare system in Liberia.

She thinks her husband had no trust in getting good diagnosis and treatment from the doctors and nurses in his country, and had possibly headed to Nigeria with the hope of receiving better treatment. If you ask me, I think he was hoping he would make it to America. Unfortunately, Ebola doesn't work that way, and now we have three people dead from his actions, and scores sick.

Decontee shared her thoughts on her Facebook page:

Nurse Justina Ejelonu Who Came in Contact with Patrick Sawyer Dies at 25

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25-year-old Obi Justina Ejelonu has died. She was one of the nurses who attended to Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, the first Ebola victim in Nigeria.

Sahara Reporters confirmed the story through a telephone call to her family. They say she passed away this morning.

Ejelonu was quarantine in Lagos, along with several others who had contact with Patrick Sawyer. Justina has spoken out about her experience and I was among the first to blog about the campaign for the Zmapp experimental drug to be sent to Nigeria using her comments and picture.

On The Importance of Quarantine - Patrick Sawyer Avoided Bodily Contact But Still Infected Dozens

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It has been reported that a nurse, who had contact with Liberian Ebola victim Patrick Sawyer while he was in Hospital, fled quarantine in Lagos and went to her home in Enugu thereby putting 20 people at risk.

In the case of Patrick Sawyer, though he was supposed to be under surveillance because his sister had died of Ebola, he did not need to escape quarantine. The high-ranking ECOWAS staff was cleared to travel by his friend, who is a deputy minister in Liberia.

Sawyer felt he would not transmit the virus by simply avoiding bodily contact with people though he knew he could be ill with Ebola when he boarded the flight to Nigeria.

According to a  Liberian newspaper, which saw CCTV footage recorded at Monrovia Airport, Mr. Sawyer sat alone all through the time he was boarding the flight and avoided bodily contact with other passengers who were close to him at the boarding gate in Monrovia.

Stella Damasus Goes Back To Big Hair - Shows Off Super Massive Afro!

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Stella Damasus has always had a preference for bigger curls for her hairstyles and when she started a wig collection, the line featured the same.

She continued the trend even after she relocated to the US. However, she switched to a sleeker look with straight wigs after she said she's been making the hair herself [see here].

Today, the actress showed off another hairstyle, a super massive mixed-color afro, which she also said she made and to those who don't like it, she insists she's very proud of the outcome.

I like Stella in big hair though this looks more like hairstyle for a stage performance than an everyday look. See more pictures below...

Creative Catering - How To Find The Perfect Menu For Your Wedding

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By Helen Wallis

If there’s one element of your wedding that your guests will remember it’s the food. Along with the location, décor style and music, the catering will define the event. Cuisine gives you the opportunity to really show off your creativity; and if successful, will leave an ever-lasting impression on your guests.

Contemporary couples are fortunate to have many creative catering options at their fingertips; gone are the days when wedding caterers only served standard “banquet hall” fare that was more or less the same for each reception.

Due to a proliferation of cookbooks, food blogs and network shows about food available 24 hours a day, today’s brides and grooms are more knowledgeable about food than those in generation past. Caterers have responded and couples should have no problem finding a caterer who thinks and cooks creatively and who can offer unique suggestions based on the couple’s preferences.

Below are a few categories to get you thinking about how to make your wedding food fun, different and delicious!

Simon Cowell Is One Very Proud Dad As He Shares More Cute Pictures Of His Son

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Simon Cowell is turning out to be quite the proud father since he welcomed his son Eric into the world on Valentine's Day.

Although the 54-year-old music mogul likes to keep his personal life private, Simon now regularly takes to Twitter to share adorable pictures of his baby boy.

In the latest one, he shows his cute son sat on his lap in matching sunglasses as himself, captioning the lovely image: ‘Taking after daddy’

Zelda Williams And Brothers Share Deeply Moving Statements About Losing Their Father

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Robin Williams had three children - Zak Williams, 31, Zelda Williams, 25 and Cody Williams, 23, and all have shared deeply touching and emotional statements about losing their father. Robin Williams was found hanged in his bedroom on Monday in California after battling with severe depression.

"While I’ll never, ever understand how he could be loved so deeply and not find it in his heart to stay, there’s minor comfort in knowing our grief and loss, in some small way, is shared with millions." - His daughter Zelda wrote.

See the tributes after the cut...

Nadia Buari Subs Jim Iyke - Calls Him Bitter As Bile?

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Ghanian actress Nadia Buari who is the last lady to have been paired with Jim Iyke shared a kiss with her fans as seen in the picture above. And then she posted another picture [below] which she tagge;

"The taste of ur life depends on the spices u used to brew it. Add laziness to it and it becomes bitter as the bile; put a cube of good attitudes into it and u will lick ur lips more and more due to its sweet taste. So u choose..#word"

This sounds like a reference to the lazy men referred to by Jim Iyke in his "Women are apples on a tree" spiel. Could it be that Nadia is saying he is among the lazy guys and bitter?

#EbolaOutbreak - Patience Jonathan Adopts New Greeting Style By Rubbing Palms Together

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Patience Jonathan, the First Lady of Nigeria, is currently visiting Poland, and was pictured greeting officials and aides at the airport. What is striking is the respectable distance she keeps from those who have come to welcome her, and the pecular method of greeting.

Instead of hugging or shaking any of the other women as she would do normally, the first lady simply rubs her own two palms together, while the women do the same.

Some are calling this the new vogue for greeting caused by fear of the Ebola virus and people think of ways to avoid contracting the virus but at the same time, they don't want to be rude or appear so to others.

I think it's a cool thing for whoever came up with the idea.