Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wunmi Obe Attacks Robin Williams’ Widow In Scathing and Heartless Open Letter

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Wunmi Obe has used the further news that have come to light since his death by apparent suicide to pluck what she says are gaping holes in the statement released by the widow of late American comedian Robin Williams.

Susan Schneider wrote of her grief, and heartbreak at the loss of her husband and best friend, and asked for privacy. Read full statement HERE.

But Wunmi Obe, married to husband Tunde Obe for 16 years - and I'm sure she has seen her fair share of the ups and downs of marriage, including bad health, bad finances, infidelity, etc - is not granting Susan Schneider that privacy. Wunmi is not even extending a hand of sympathy or understanding as someone who has experienced celebrity death in the family.

A seemingly very pissed off Wunmi Obe took to Facebook to comment:

Women Are Not Apples - Why I Don't Agree With Jim Iyke on Finding The One

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Nollywood actor Jim Iyke shared the above picture on Instagram along with the write up below...

"Women are like apples on trees, the best ones are on the top of the tree. The men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and don't want to get hurt. Instead they get the cold manipulating easier climbs. So, the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top because they value quality away from d spotlight. #bae #angeleyes

A lot of women see the analogy, place themselves where they will and either agree or disagree with him. Those who think they are at the top of the tree and are being praised by Jim Iyke and called wife material, are very happy. Those who may have had one or two boyfriends, feel chastised and unhappy.

#EbolaOutbreak - Should People Who Escape Quarantine Be Publicly Named And Identified?

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It was earlier reported that a nurse, who had previously had contact with the Liberian Ebola patient Patrick Sawyer while he was at the First Consultants Hospital in Lagos, had fled quarantine in Lagos and returned to her home in Enugu thereby putting 20 more people at risk of the deadly virus.

Reno Omokri, President Jonathan's social media asssistant is now asking for feedback.

Do you think public health officials should expose the identities people who escape quarantine in order to protect innocent lives? Let's discuss!

North West Scores First Fashion Editorial For CR Fashion Book

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have scored for their baby daughter North West her first big solo fashion editorial. The 13-month-old is photographed for the latest issue of Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book.

One could be forgiven for saying this is Nori's second editorial for CR Fashion book, the magazine featured Kim Kardashian while she was pregnant with North [see pics].

In the editorial, North West is in a sitting pose with a Chanel bag and a cloth flower brooch pinned to her knit top. She is described as 'The Future' in a quote above her that goes on to say;

Brazil Presidential Candidate Eduardo Campos Dies In Plane Crash With Wife And Son

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Brazilian Socialist Party presidential candidate Eduardo Campos has died after his aides say they lost contact with his plane. The private plane that was reportedly carrying a Brazilian presidential candidate crashed, according to  Reuters.

Seven people were on the plane, the Associated Press reports. Local media had reported earlier that Campos' wife and son were also on the plane.

In addition to the Campos family, two pilots, a campaign photographer, and a press advisor were also on the plane. The police told Reuters that there were multiple fatalities but did not say how many.

See more pictures from the crash site below...

#MikeBrown - Black Teen Killed By Police Inspires Touching #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Pictures

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Mixed reactions followed the shooting death of Missouri teenager, Mike Brown, who was about to leave for college a couple of weeks before he was shot by police, leading to violent protests in his hometown [read report].

Now those riots have been ended by security agencies and the FBI have begun to investigate the shooting, but the portrayal of the teen in most media reports have led to a different kind of protest on social media.

On Twitter, the conversation has spawned a viral hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, started by Twitter user @CJ_Musick_Lawya "to make a statement on how the media draws a biased narrative when it comes to telling the stories of black men and women."

Remember how the hoodie suddenly got a bad rap after Trayvon Martin? Check out some positive and negative comparison pictures being shared under this hashtag that is turning out to be more powerful than the originator could have imagined.

Celine Dion Puts Career on Hold To Care For Husband Diagnosed With Cancer

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Superstar vocalist, Celine Dion is putting her career on hold to care for her ill husband Rene Angelil.

The couple currently live in Las Vegas with their three children where Celine Dion has a residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The singer briefly retired from performing in 1999 when her husband battled throat cancer. She came back to singing after he beat the cancer.

The 46-year-old singer is taking another break again because Angelil's health problems have returned.

Angelil, 72, had surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from his throat last December, leading to a 'very difficult and stressful time' for the family. Celine Dion asked for understanding in a statement released today.

Australian Man Mocks Nigerians About Ebola With Tweets Of Fake $10,000 Scam

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An Australian man named Andrew Sayer has gone on Twitter to mock Nigerians about Ebola in the country, with a fabricated story about giving $10,000 to his Nigerian friend Oghenekohwo whom he says he is now looking for.

Andrew Sayer says Oghenekohwo is yet to reply his e-mails, adding that since his friend has gone off the radar, he fears that this friend of his, whom he says lives in Port Harcourt, may have contracted the deadly Ebola virus.

Andrew then scam baits wannabe 419ers by saying he plans to send more money to this friend whenever he responds. Read the tweets below, and share your thoughts...

What I find galling and also sad is that Nigerians on social media did not immediately see through this spoof. The conversation on blogs and Twitter seem to tilt to believing this foolish story and consoling Andrew Sayer for having been duped of his hard earned money by a Nigerian scammer.

21 Suspected Ebola Cases In Enugu As Nurse Who Treated Patrick Sawyer Escapes Quarantine

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A nurse, who had previously had contact with the Liberian Ebola patient Patrick Sawyer while he was at the First Consultants Hospital in Lagos, has fled quarantine in Lagos and returned to her home in Enugu.

This risky decision, and her resulting contact with 20 other people, has put the Enugu State government on high alert, ChannelTV reports.

Minister of Information Labaran Maku has disclosed that the nurse and the 20 people she was in contact with are currently under surveillance in Enugu.

#LeftHandersDay: Research Reveals 6 Surprising Facts About Left Handed People

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August 13th is Left Handers' Day and the day is set aside for left handed people to encourage each other and lobby against different forms of discrimination from the general society.

This year, 2014, marks the 22nd annual celebration. The first celebration took place in 1976 to promote awareness of left handers' and the struggles they face with the day-to-day products catered towards the right-handed predominant population.

It is estimated that up to 10 percent of the world's population are left-handers and even now, many are still discriminated in society for being born that way.

Scientists have studied left handers' for a while now to see what differences they boast in comparison to their peers. Check out six surprising discoveries they found below:

The Kim Kardashian-West Effect? Ciara and Future, Chyna and Tyga Call Off Engagements

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Ciara and Black Chyna are good friends of Kim Kardashian, and something that usually happens when you have a close friend in a good relationship, is that you want the same for yourself.

Most often, if you're already hitched, you more easily see the flaws in your man, and you are less tolerant of those flaws. Could that be the case for Ciara and Chyna who see their friend happy in her marriage with a man who respects and loves her, and they now can't settle for less?

In a recent interview Ciara was in tears as she talked about how much she loves her fiance Future, but 3 months after the birth of their son, baby Future, Ciara has broken up with the rapper.

Experimental Ebola Vaccine Ready - Canada Offers 1000 Doses To WHO For Africa

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The Canadian Public Health Agency has offered to release 1000 dose of a made-in-Canada experimental Ebola vaccine to WHO for use in African countries battling Ebola.

The vaccine known as VSV-EBOV has never been tested on humans but has been shown to be effective in the treatment of the disease in animals.

In a statement released yesterday August 12th, the Canadian Health Minister Rona Ambrose said the World Health Organization's Director general, Margaret Chan, has approved of the donation.

"I was pleased to offer the experimental vaccine developed by Canadian researchers as a global resource to help fight this outbreak," she said, adding that between 800 and 1,000 doses would be donated to the WHO.

Nigeria To Receive Ebola Drug ZMapp And Approves Use In Sick Patients

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After it emerged yesterday that ZMapp has been sent to the two African countries that requested for it, Nigeria has just announced the approval to use the experimental Ebola drug in the country.

It should be remembered that President Jonathan had earlier requested the drug for the treatment of patients infected with the virus.

The decision by Nigeria is also coming on the heels of Tuesday’s approval by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the use of Zmapp for treatment of Ebola patients.

The National Health Research Ethics Committee, composed of research scientists under the Federal Ministry of Health, made the announcement. The endorsement is contained in a statement issued to newsmen by Prof. Clement Adebamowo, Chairman of the committee on Wednesday in Abuja.

Robin Williams Depressed By Serious Money Troubles From $30M Divorce And Failed TV Show

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Final photo of Robin Williams taken three weeks ago with an acting monkey

After police confirmed yesterday that Robin Williams died by hanging himself with a belt, new reports about the 63-year-old have revealed the true state of affairs for the well loved actor and comedian.

His wife Susan Schneider last saw him when she went to bed at 10pm Sunday. He went to a different bedroom and she believed he was still asleep when she left the house the next morning about 10.30am.

An assistant, worried when he couldn't be roused at 11.45am, and broke into the bedroom. The assistant called 911 at 11:55am, emergency personnel arrived at noon, and at 12:02 he was pronounced dead.

In addition to hanging himself, he had superficial cuts on his body and his wrists. Police found a pocketknife with what appeared to be dried blood nearby. Toxicology reports are pending and will take two to six weeks.

8-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Comes In Second Position For UK Child Genius Contest

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8 year old Tudor Mendel-Idowu has come 2nd in the UK Child Genius Competition that took place recently.

Tudor and his sister, 11 year old Hazelle Mendel-Idowu were the only Nigerians to take part in the Child Genius of the Year 2014 contest.

The competition consists of 20 highly gifted children between 7-12 in the UK who face two grueling rounds: Logic and Reasoning and Memory Recall - where they have just one hour to commit 104 randomly shuffled playing cards to memory.

Daughters Begin Woman's Obituary By Saying "The Witch Is Dead'

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The family of a 70-year-old woman who recently passed away started her obituary with a reference to a wicked witch before they mentioned that she was a loving mother and a devoted wife.

However, her daughters said Johanna Scarpitti — whose obituary in The News Journal began with “Ding dong the witch is dead” — wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Scarpitti’s youngest daughter, who helped write the obituary, told the paper that her mother made her promise to include a tribute to the 1939 film, “The Wizard of Oz.

16-Year-Old Malia Obama Now As Tall As President Obama, Taller Than Her Mother

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President Barack Obama and the First lady Michelle Obama were photographed with their oldest daughter Malia Obama as the first family walked out of the White House before boarding Marine One, and also when they arrived at Martha's Vineyard where they'll spend their summer vacation.

All eyes are on how tall Malia Obama has grown, and how gorgeous! The 16-year-old is now 6' 1", the same height as her dad the president, and taller than her mother Michelle Obama, who is 5' 11". Malia attended the Lollapolooza music festival alone last week [see pics].

More pictures, and details of their 2 week summer vacation below...

Medical Doctor Describes How Woman Contracted Ebola From Patrick Sawyer

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A medical doctor has described how a nursing mother who is one of the confirmed cases of the Ebola virus in Lagos contracted the disease while pregnant and attending her antenatal care at First Consultant Hospital in Obalende, Lagos where the first victim of Ebola virus in Nigeria, Patrick Sawyerr, died.

The lady was confirmed to have the deadly disease after testing positive at the NNPC staff clinic on Muri Okunola street in the Victoria Island area of Lagos.

Speaking anonymously with Punch, the doctor said;

Acid Attack Survivors Remove Veils And Embrace Their Scars In New Fashion Photoshoot

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Young Indian women who are acid attack survivors have spent years hiding their faces but now, they have cast off their shame and pain to appear with smiling faces in a new photoshoot by Rahul Saharan.

Rupa, Rita, Laximi (right to left) have all been the victims of horrendous acid attacks. Rupa, who has just started her own clothing collection, called Rupa Designs, designed the clothes used for the photoshoot.

Rupa, 22, is trying to put the past behind her and look to a brighter future. She says;

'I always wanted to be a designer but after the attack there was a pause in my life. I was so insecure and embarrassed by my scars I used to cover my face with a scarf. I always hung onto my dream but I never knew that one day it would be possible and I would be launching my own label.'

Cliff Selfie Causes Polish Couple To Fall To Their Death

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A couple has died after falling from cliffs in Portugal while taking pictures of themselves on Sunday, according to investigators.

The man and woman reportedly went past a barrier set up to keep people off the cliff edge at Cabo de Roca, a popular coasta tourist destination near Lisbon.

They slipped while trying to take a selfie, Captain Dario Pinto Moreira told Portuguese news station CMTV. The couple's children, aged 5 and 6, were with them and are now in the custody of Polish diplomats.

Cabo de Roca is the most western point of Europe, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Family Time - 2Face And Annie Idibia Take Daughter Isabella To The Amusement Park

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2Face and Annie Idibia are back in one location after sometime apart due to work, and the couple are packing in some quality time for each other and with their children too.

The celebrity couple dressed down yesterday for a day out with their older daughter Isabella, which for Annie meant no makeup.

She tagged the picture above; "And that's how our day started!!! #nomakeup #oremi #ufanmi #imami #buddies"