Friday, August 1, 2014

Kim Kardashian Shares Photo of Herself With Kanye West In Bed

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Kim Kardashian shared the photo of her husband Kanye West lying peacefully asleep in bed with the caption; "Sidechicks be like..."

LOL... I guess that is the only time side chicks would be able to take pictures of their married or committed boyfriends. Reminds me of a groupie picture of Wizkid, or was it Davido? Some celebs and their security go as far as seizing the phones of their side chicks SMH...

Anyway, Kim is no side chick. The couple had been to Kanye's good friend Riccardo Tisci's [Givenchy designer who made Kim's wedding gown] birthday earlier, and I guess Kim is still wired while her hubby is tuckered out.

See some photos from the birthday with Justin Bieber and Kim's family below...

19-Year-Old Beyoncifies Pictures With Her Ex-Boyfriend After Bad Breakup [Photos]

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A 19-year-old Toronto native named Cassandra Blackwel is using Beyonce in a way not many have thought of as she goes through a very tough breakup with her boyfriend.

While some ladies will try to get over their breakup by playing Beyonce's Irreplaceable while burning up, throwing out or deleting pictures with the ex, Cassandra decided that she didn't want to let go of those captured memories altogether. She settled on altering her photos to help her cure her breakup pain.

And this is where Beyoncé comes in. Cassandra Blackwel didn't just remove her ex-boyfriend from their pictures together, she photoshopped Beyoncé over his face and/or body, then uploaded all the pictures to a Tumblr page titled, “Beyoncify My Boyfriend.”

Paul Okoye and Anita Isama Spotted Shopping For Home Furniture

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They might go for more luxury items but Paul Okoye and Anita Isama decided to do their home furniture shopping themselves. The cute and down to earth couple were seen yesterday at an upscale showroom, shopping for a new living room suite.

See more pictures below....

Former NFL Player and Fiance Send iPad 4s Wedding Invitations To Their Guests!

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Former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson is about to ger married to his fiancee, Jennifer Conrad, who is his longtime girlfriend and the mother of 2 of his children. The happy couple have sent out the best wedding invitations ever - iPad 4s - each pre-programmed with all of the 411 for his big day. TMZ says;

"It's pretty badass. Here's what we know. The iPads were sent to several guests a few weeks ago -- and once they're powered on, a program opens informing the recipients about Key's wedding events.

Also included -- a photo gallery, guestbook, and countdown to the big day. The couple also made it easy for guests to buy wedding gifts -- by including the registry right on the iPad.