Friday, July 18, 2014

For His Number 1 Family - Peter Okoye Gives Reasons He Was Absent at Brother's Wedding

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Peter has continued sharing pictures of himself as not involved in his elder brother Jude's wedding, causing some of his fans to question his loyalty and priorities.

While he had previously kept quiet, he has now replied to some of the queries on social media. For those that outrightly insult him, he has BLOCKED them.

In his replies to the criticisms, Peter says his "number 1 family for now" is the one he built. He defends his actions by pointing out that a parent has to cater more to his children than his siblings, asking, "which blood is thicker than the 1 of my children?"

What do you think of his reasons? Read his tweet rants below...

David Beckham and Sons Slimed at the Nickelodeon Awards - They Got It In Gold! [Photos]

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In a tradition of the awards, the Beckhams got slimed at the Nicklodeon Kids Choice Awards, but guess what, instead of the regular green slime, they got a golden slime.

David Beckham and his two sons, Romeo and Cruz had golden goo dripping from their bodies after they were slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Beckham had come on stage with his boys Romeo and Cruz to take part in a skit, but they got more than that as the trio were bathed with the thick slimy gold liquid.

Check out more photos of the slime-covered Beckhams;

Top 12 Couples From The 2014 ESPY Awards Red Carpet

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At first I didn't know what but ESPY means 'Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly' and is an annual Award for those in sports, the equivalent of an Oscar. 

So which couples are we featuring? First of all... Introduction. Are Weezy and Christina Milan dating?

Rapper Lil Wayne's looked "coupled-up" with Christina Milian at the 2014 ESPY Awards on Wednesday evening and they have set tongues wagging on Twitter, asking if the two are dating. Here on RML, I say let them be, they are label mates and probably there on business. Holding hands, you ask? Hehehe...

Check out our other top couple picks at the 2014 ESPYS Awards

The Miraculous Deliverance Of Oga Jona - A Short Story By Chimamanda Adichie

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As soon as he opened his eyes, he felt it. A strange peace, a calm clarity. He stretched.  Even his limbs were stronger and surer. He looked at his phone. Thirty-seven new text messages – and all while he was asleep. With one click, he deleted them. The empty screen buoyed him. Then he got up to bathe, determined to fold the day into the exact shape that he wanted.

Those Levick people had to go. No more foreign PR firms. They should have made that article in the American newspaper sound like him, they should have known better. They had to go. And he would not pay their balance; they had not fulfilled the purpose of the contract after all.

He pressed the intercom. Man Friday came in, face set in a placidly praise-singing smile. “Good morning, Your Excellency!”

Miss Akwa Ibom Iheoma Nnadi Emerges Winner Of The Most Beautiful in Nigeria 2014 Pageant

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The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant finale took place tonight in Bayelsa. And the winner is Iheoma Nnadi representing Akwa Ibom State!

Iheoma Nnadi will be representing Nigeria at the Miss World contest, she also gets a brand new car and a grand prize of N3million.

The judges of the night included actress Osas Ighodaro, ex MBGN Sylvia Nduka, and former Mr Nigeria Bryan Okwara.

More photos from the finale below and other contestants who were runner-ups or got other awards.

It's Her #HenNight! Adanna Ohakim and David Steinaker Enjoy Final Day As Singletons

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Adanna Ohakim, joined by her beau David Steinanker and their friends, had her hen night yesterday in Dublin Ireland where they both live.

At the party was her twin sister Adanma Ohakim and her own beau as well as their younger sister, Chioma and more friends and family who have arrived for the wedding.

The couple's white wedding takes place tomorrow, 19th of July, also in Dublin. More photos from the party below.

First Photos From Sisi Yemmie And Yomi's Church Wedding and Reception

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Sisi Yemmie looked absolutely stunning in her ivory lace and satin ball gown for her wedding to her dashing groom and sweetheart of many years, Bobo Yomi!

So let's give it up for the latest couple in town - Mr. & Mrs. Odusanya!

Check out more photos below, and see their traditional wedding pictures here.

Happy married life Sisi and Yomi, God bless your marriage.

Couple Love - Jennifer Aniston Gushes Over Fiance Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston was at a party celebrating her fiance Justin Theroux, and shared some details of her own about what makes him so special to her. She gushed;

“I commend him for his courage. This is not normal for him. He’s so graceful and utterly kind and golden. It is amazing. He’s just so beautiful and handsome to me, and I love that his eyeballs are so beautifully captured because those eyes just knock me out every day. He just gets better every year. He’s just like a lost gem in the sand, and he’s just always been there and been brilliant, and now this is just in a different light.”

It's A Second Wedding For 9-year-old Boy And His 61-year-old Wife In South Africa

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A nine-year-old schoolboy has become one of the world's youngest grooms for the second time -- marrying his 62-year-old wife again.

Looking a little taller but still in last year's silvery tuxedo, baby faced Saneie Masilela clutched the hand of Helen Shabangu as they repeated their vows one year on.

Last year the boy, from nearby Tshwane, tied the knot with bride Helen after claiming he had been told by his dead ancestors to wed.

Shockingly his family took the message from the heavens seriously and hurriedly forked out £500 for the bride and a further £1,000 for the big day.

Casting Agency Wants Only Dark-skinned Out of Shape Black Women For Poor Roles?

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And we say we are beyond race in America. If this post-racial, then I can only shake my head.

The casting agency for the biopic about the musical rap group NWA has attempted to solely cast “not in good shape” and “dark skin tone” African-American girls to play poor people in the movie.

The agency released an ad seeking L.A.-based women to apply for one of several categories of extras that will be featured in the film. The breakdown is as follows:

This Teacher's Letter to Her Class About The 'Many Ways to Be Smart' Is A Must Read For Parents

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I was one of those who did OK with tests and exams, but a few of them tripped me up and made me cry when someone else did better or took the position I wanted.

It is now at this stage in my life, that I've realized those standardized tests make it seem like we're all the same, which we're not. This teacher tries to let the kids in their class understand that too, I love it.

In case you can't read it from the image, below is the letter in full;

These Passengers Missed MH17 By Minutes While Another Died After Changing Flights To Get On

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Time and chance, they say, happens to us all. As more news about the crashed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 come out, you want to simply break down and cry. The grief is overwhelming for the almost 300 people that died, and yet there are glimmers of relief for a few that were saved in one way or another.

Barry and Izzy Sim (above) were planning to travel to Kuala Lumpur with their young baby on Flight MH17 but were told by staff at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport that the plane was too full.

The family was then given seats on a later KLM flight, that would depart at a later time. The couple cancelled the KLM flight after the wife refused to fly when they heard that MH17 had crashed.

Barry Sim and his wife spoke of their reactions after he hearing the plane they so desperately wanted to board was shot down.

First Photos of Passengers Including 80 Children That Died In Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash

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Among the 298 dead in the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash yesterday were 80 children, including three Australian children, (pictured left), Mo Maslin, 12, (left), his brother Otis, eight, (centre) and sister Evie Maslin, 10, (right) who were traveling with their grandfather Nick Morris.

According to Australian newspapers, the family had been on holiday and the children’s parents had remained in Amsterdam for a few extra days while Mr Norris took his grandchildren on MH17 to get them back to Australia in time for school. The plane was going from Kuala Lumpur to Australia.

More than 100 AIDS researchers who were heading to an international conference in Australia were also on board the plane. 

U.S. Intelligence Confirms Pro-Russian Rebels Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17

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As bodies have begun to be recovered from the crashed Malaysian Airlines MH17 in Eastern Ukraine, preliminary U.S. intelligence assessment indicates that the plane was shot down by an antiaircraft missile fired by pro-Russian separatists.

After speculations yesterday, US officials believe the attack was likely carried out using an SA-11 surface-to-air missile system, or a similar class of weapon. The SA-11 is an early version of the Buk antiaircraft system that has been identified by Ukrainian authorities as the weapon used to bring down the airliner.

According to a report by the Washington Post, the U.S. official cautioned that the assessment is not final and that U.S. analysts are still investigating.

Below are transcipt of audio conversations between Russian Military and Ukrainian Separatists obtained by Ukraine Officials moments after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down.

Google Doodle Honors Nelson Mandela, South African Activist, For Posthumous 96th Birthday.

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NELSON MANDELA : 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013

Google has honored former South African President, anti-apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist Nelson Mandela with a Doodle on the occasion of the leader's 96th birthday.

Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa from 1994-99, turns 96th on Friday, 18th July.

Born on July 18, 1918, Mandela became involved in anti-colonial politics and joined African National Congress (ANC) where he also served as the President from 1991-97. However, prior to being the president of ANC, he gained prominence during the 1952 Defiance Campaign of the ANC.

Arrested and convicted for conspiracy to overthrow the state in 1962, he was sentence to life imprisonment and served 27 years of his life in prison until his release in 1990.

Official Photos From My Big Nigerian Wedding Winners Yemisi And Yomi's Traditional Wedding

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My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 1 has just concluded with the marriage of the lucky couple Yemisi Aiyedun and Yomi Odusanya who had their traditional wedding with glam and fun fair yesterday.

Yemisi & Yomi were the lucky winners of a N15 Million wedding in the My Big Nigerian Contest organised by WED Expo.

The event took place at The Summit, Alausa, Ikeja yesterday. Their white wedding holds today at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Gbagada and will be followed by a grand reception at The Haven Event Center, Ikej GRA.

 We can't wait to see the full official pictures, but here are the first photos from the traditional wedding.

The 10 Best Things About Being Married To Someone You Love. #7 Is My Favorite

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By Kellee Khalil for

In our opinion, there’s nothing quite like lifelong love, and saying your wedding vows does make that love feel a little different!

Here are 10 reasons why being married is great.

1. You can call, text, email and say whatever's on your mind without fear of scaring him or her off. 
When you've just started dating someone, there’s always a fear that you're one misunderstood text message away from getting dumped. Once you're married, you can text, call, email, G-chat, and send flowers to the office every day without fear of coming on too strong.

Jason Biggs Apologizes For his Tasteless Malaysia Airlines Joke on Twitter

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Jason Biggs no excuse for his cruel and unnecessary joke about the crashed Malaysia Airlines MH17 that killed all 295 people on board, even if his claim to fame was as the crude comedy actor in American Pie.

The 36-year-old who is now featuring in Orange Is the New Black tweeted.

"Anyone wanna buy my Malaysia Airlines frequent flier miles?"

After a barrage of criticism from his followers, he finally deleted his earlier tweets and apologized;

Picture Of An Infant Who Died Sick Photoshopped To Help The Grieving Family

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Nathen Steffel posted a photo of his infant daughter, Sophia, on the Reddit with one request: 

"My daughter recently passed away after a long battle in the children's hospital. Since she was in the hospital her whole life we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes. Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?"

He explained that Sophia passed away in Cincinnati's Children's Hospital after suffering a hepatic hemangioma in her liver at just 6 weeks old.

What happened next stands as a testament that there really is good in this world. Users posted their photoshopped, painted or drawn portraits to the thread for the father to have.

Bearded Swedish Male Model Becomes Global Heartthrob After Photos Go Viral

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Photos of Swedish model Ben Dahlhaus has been generating just aboout the same swoon worth as that of Jeremy Meeks mugshot did last month.

The model is receiving thousands of indecent proposals on various online platforms, from women - and men - around the world, many describing him as the hottest man on earth. A fashion writer even used the caption 'his sad face is hotter than your hottest face' - and many people agreed.

For me, the guy is obviously good-looking and the long hair is cool, but bearded men don't really do anything for me.

What do you think? Is he your latest man candy?

Lance Gross Posts Naked Picture of Fiance Rebecca Jefferson, Confirms She's Pregnant

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Lance Gross has just confirmed that he and girlfriend Rebecca Jefferson are expecting their first baby together in a very racy yet respectful manner.

The actor posted this photo of Rebecca, naked and sand-coated on the beach, and her baby bump in full glory. He captioned it;
“GOD has Gifted me. It’s like I get to unwrap you daily. Your presence continues to bring me joy each time without exhaustion. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU. I Turned My Camera On @becjefferson :)”
Congrats to the couple!

Kim Kardashian Topless and Flashing Her Booty in Tiny Bikini As She Vacations in Mexico

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Kim Kardashian shared some new pictures of herself while vacationing with her girlfriends in Mexico and it seems she's back to the body baring Kim we used to know and love :)

She captioned the picture of her and girlfriend Abbey Wilson; "#OurLovelyLadyLumps."

I guess her friend's lump she's referring to is the growing (and bare) baby bump and Kim's lumps will be, of course, her famous booty.

Kim was also topless in the photo but because she's lying on her tummy, we can't see her other lumps, if you get what I mean. Now those that want to ask what Kanye will say can go ahead, LOL...