Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Abuja Resident Narrates Eye Witness Account of Abuja Bomb Blast at EMAB Plaza

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An Abuja resident who had a friend as an eyewitness at the scene of the EMAB Plaza bomb blast narrated her account of the fatal explosions on Twitter. Tweeting from the handle @LuchyLuccious, she explained that there were several fortunate incidents that meant that less people lost their lives. She said;

“The bomb blast was from a Red Volkswagen Golf. Driver and passenger parked between Banex and Emab, ran out and moments later, explosion occurred.
“Met this guy that helped pack bodies. According to him the car with the bomb couldn’t get into the plaza, because a learner blocked the entrance of the plaza. The driver of the said vehicle parked at the exit and took off in a waiting power bike.”

Read her tweets in the storify below;

Celeb Insta Fashion - Mbong Amata Shows Some Skin For Summer

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Mbong Amata was looking amazing in this floral maxi gown with a thigh high slit. The actress is in London for some rest and relaxation but still can't keep away from shopping. She tagged the picture;

Hi Summer, you're amazing and worth it! #summer #Londonvibe #nomakeup #shorthairdontcare #curlyhairgirlsrock #flawsome #floral #shopping #vacay #everythingnice #kisskiss

Solange Knowles Engaged to Alan Ferguson After 5 Years Of Dating?

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Is Solange Knowles Engaged? A new report claims Beyonce's younger sister Solange is engaged to her 51 year-old boyfriend Alan Ferguson. Ferguson was at the family lunch with Solange's son, Beyonce and Jay Z after the elevator fight last month [see pics].

Solange Knowles, 28, and Alan Ferguson whom she has been dating for five years, reportedly got engaged on her birthday Monday June 23, according to MediaTakeOut.

Solange has not confirmed the reports but she posted the photo below of herself and Alan on her instagram page describing her birthday as 'perfect.'.

Congrats to the couple.

World Vitiligo Day - Enam Haikeens is Face of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation

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Today is World Vitiligo Day, the global campaign to raise awareness and prevent stigma against this skin disease. In the run-up to the date, one of the premier activists in Nigeria, Ogo Maduewesi, put up several events to commemorate the day.

First, VITSAF (Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation), the NGO founded by Ogo Maduewesi produced and distributed a print and online campaign with Enam Heikeens as their ambassador and spokesperson. Enam Heikeens is a model and has taken part in beauty pageants.

Also, the group also organized a charity walk in Enugu to raise awareness about Vitiligo. The color for this years World Vitiligo day is purple and the theme is Black or White.

UPDATE - The EMAB Shopping Plaza Explosion Killed At Least 21 People, Injured 17 Others

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The explosion that hit the busy EMAB shopping mall in Abuja, Nigeria, killed at least 21 people and injured 17 others. Police spokesman Frank Mba confirmed the number of casualties but said he could not provide details of the nature or extent of the damage.

"After a preliminary investigation we can confirm that 21 people were killed and 17 injured. Our most important assignment now is to secure lives, secure the crime scene and actually carry out preliminary investigations." 

 It is not yet clear what or who was behind the explosion, but it is well known that Islamist militant group Boko Haram has been bombing targets across northern Nigeria in recent days. Eye witnesses at the scene described seeing body parts scattered across the area, and are still shocked at the incident. Some spoke to the BBC.

Collette Moreno Killed In Car Crash After Taking Selfie on The Way To Her Bachelorette Party

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A 26-year-old bride-to-be, Collette Moreno, took this selfie of herself and her friend on the way to her bachelorette party and minutes later she was killed in a car accident.

Collette Moreno and Ashley Theobald, both 26, had been happily listening to Taylor Swift when they got stuck behind trucks belching fumes. Theobald, who was driving, said she tried to overtake the car ahead because Collette started having a coughing fit.

“She has really bad asthma and there were a few trucks in front of us that had really bad exhausts and she was coughing, so I was like, ‘OK, we have to pass these.” 

Nigeria's Super Eagles Qualify For The Next Round At The World Cup

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The Super Eagles, Nigeria's national team at the ongoing world cup in Brazil have just qualified for the next stage of the Mundial. Though the team lost their last match with Argentina, with 3 goals to 2, they have qualified to the knock-out stages as runners up in Group F. They are now the first African team to make it to the Round of 16.

And it is all thanks to Vincent Enyeama, who faced a flurry of shots on goal by Argentina striker Lionel Messi. There was also Ahmed Musa to equalize two of those goals that did get in, racking in some points the Super Eagles really needed to make it through.

Congrats to the Eagles and congrats to Nigeria.

Check out pictures below of Super Eagles supporters in Brazil, Nigeria, and around the world, celebrating the team.

[Photos] Bomb Blast Hits Abuja Shopping Malls - EMAB and BANEX Plaza

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Bomb Blast in Abuja

Up to 5 people are feared dead as explosions hit the two most popular shopping malls in Abuja. EMAB and Banex Plaza situated side by side in Wuse 2, are the commercial nerve center of the city and host hundred of shops and thousands of people pass through them daily. I lived in Abuja for several years and it is scary how many times I went there, especially after I became a bank officer.

A Vanguard reporter on the scene said,

"I can see human parts and some bodies scattered on the ground but we are too scared to get closer for fear of another bomb. Many traders and visitors to the mall are still trapped in the burning building."

R Kelly Says of Jaya Kelly "Don't Call Her My Son" - 14 Year Old Daughter is Transitioning to Male

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R Kelly youngest daughter with ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, came out as Tranguy [female to male] at the beginning of the month. The 14 year old Jaya Kelly now goes by the name Jay and revealed that he has identified as male since he was 7 years old.

In an AMA on AskFm, Jay admitted that her father has only just found out about the transition and has not spoken to her since. However, his mother, Drea Kelly and sister have known for a while and are very supportive [read here].

R Kelly has finally addressed the issue of his daughter, Jaya's transition to male when during an interview this week, he was asked about it. R.Kelly immediately told the reporter not to refer to Jaya as his son.

Michelle Duggar Gives Marriage Advice That Will Benefit Everyone

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Michelle Duggar is the mother of 19 children and has been married to her husband, Jim Bob Duggar for over 30 years.

Not everyone may have as many children as she does, but everyone, male and female, married and single can benefit from the advice that comes from her wealth of experience.

Two days before her daughter's marriage, she answered a question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan: What advice will you give Jill as a newlywed wife to keep in mind throughout her marriage? on her blog.

15 Reasons To Give That Older Man A Chance At Your Love

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A mature man is more than just a robust bank balance. He’ll be empathetic, wise and secure in himself – at least in theory. He might have a few grey hairs, but they’ll just lend him an air of Clooney-like sophistication. If you’re tired of dating men who bring out your mothering side, here are our reasons to try someone a little more mature.

Survey Proves That Christians are Not Saints, They Cheat Too

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People that think just because someone is a born again Christian he or she has a new, and somewhat elevated, set of moral standards are in for a big surprise.

Ashley Madison is a website that exists to help people cheat. Their clientele come to them because they want to have an affair – since they are married or are looking for other married people to cheat with. The site isn’t bashful about the service that they offer, either: “Ashley Madison is the most recognized and reputable married dating company” – although “married dating” does seem like an oxymoron.

Recently, in order to find out the link between religion and infidelity the site asked its members across the world what their religious affiliation was. Of the 105,000 participants in the survey, 60,000 of them were from the United States.

Meriam Ibrahim and Family Finally Leave Sudan After Release From Airport Arrest

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Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who had been jailed and previously sentenced to death for Apostasy, is free and has finally left Sudan for an undisclosed country.

Meriam was freed from her conviction by the Appeals Courts which held the intial sentence void. However, when she tried to travel out of the country with her family, she was re-arrested at Khartoume airport.

Sudanese officials later said they didn't arrest Meriam, that she was only detained over a “travel document issue” that was discovered at the airport but she's since been released. They also confirmed that she and her family had boarded a flight out of Sudan today.

Couple Love - Mildred and Richard Loving Legalize Interracial Love in America

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Mildred Loving and Richard Loving, an African-American woman and a white man, were sentenced to a year in prison for marrying each other. 

47 years ago, in the landmark Loving v. Virginia case, the couple won their appeal against the case and the Supreme Court overturned the ban on interracial marriage.

Love is love no matter your race or skin color. Happy loving to all our interracial couple readers :)

Behind The Scene Pictures From Lynxx Upcoming Music Video With Stephanie Coker

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The music video is directed by Kemi Adetiba and stars MTV Base presenter Stephanie Coker, as Lynxx's love interest. Who remembers Lynxx and Joselyn Dumas in Mr and Mrs Smith? Watch it here.

I can't wait for this one. I'm getting the same romantic vibes. See more pictures below.

Suya Eaters Advised to Eat Onions And Other Vegetables Along With the Grilled Meat

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Tasty Suya and Tomatoes

Prof. Ignatius Onimawo, a food nutritionist has warned that that except there is deliberate effort to imbibe healthier dietary and lifestyle habits over the next 10 years, cancer and other Non Communicable Diseases, NCDs, will increase by more than 27 percent in developing countries like Nigeria, compared to 17 percent in the developed world.

Focusing especially on cancer, the prof remarked that studies to try to look at the aetiology of the disease, to find out where it all started, traced the incidence of cancer in Nigeria to suya consumption.

This he said was because “During preparation of suya, the  meat is cooked over an open fire, and oils from the meat undergo complex chemical reactions that produce toxins such as Heterocyclic Amines, HCAs that are carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in nature. The more well-done a meat is cooked, the higher concentration of carcinogenic HCA’s can form."