Friday, June 6, 2014

Husbands Say They Have Better Sex When Wives Make as Much Money As Them or More!

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If it’s not the root of all evil, money is at least the root of most marital spats. (Roughly 70 percent of marrieds say money causes the majority of their bickering, according to a new nationwide survey conducted by the magazine Money.) That’s probably not a huge shocker.

But this is: About 56 percent of men who make the same or less than their spouses reported a “hot” or “very good” sex life, versus just 44 percent of husbands who out-earn their wives. (Read: If you make more, the sex is hotter!) Guys who make the same or less are also about 15 percent more likely to rate their marriages as “happy” compared to men who earn the lion’s share of the family income, the survey finds.

10 Signs You Have a Solid Relationship

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We hear stories from time to time about people who thought their relationship was going well only to discover their partner wasn’t on the same page. It can be devastating when a relationship ends unexpectedly and people often ask themselves why they didn’t see it coming. The answer is often that they were ignoring problems that were staring them in the face.

The Top Tips To Make Your Breasts Grow Bigger Naturally

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This is a silent trending topic among a lot of ladies. The average woman is not satisfied with the size of her breasts, and desires to make them bigger! This article has the top tips and ways to make your breasts grow in the most natural way possible!

7 Bible Quotes In Support Of Gay Relationships Released By Youtube Activists

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After the news about R Kelly's Transguy daughter yesterday, I went searching for what the bible has to say about gays and transgenders. I found these bible quotes by LGBT activist Matthew Vines in a recent video with popular lesbian vlogger Arielle Scarcella.

Matthew is Christain and begins by saying; "Sexual orientation is a pretty new concept. Christians in the past tended to see same-sex behavior as a vice of excess like gluttony or drunkenness, not as a sexual orientation that can be expressed in loving, committed ways. So Christians don't have to reject their faith's tradition in order to accept same-sex relationships."

Shonda Rhimes Puts Viola Davis in The Lead of New TV Show

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Producer Shonda Rhimes is back with a new show that tackles the legal profession. Academy Award nominee Viola Davis stars as a famous criminal defense attorney teaching young law students in a class she likes to call "How to Get Away with Murder." (I like this already.)