Sunday, June 1, 2014

Will You Have The Garter Removal and Tossing at Your Wedding Ceremony?

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I have been to only one wedding where the garter was removed by the groom and tossed to the single men in the reception, mostly the groomsmen. The bride was blushing, but the groom was sedate and everyone tried to see it as fun. Not like the groom above. Do you see yourself doing this tradition during your wedding ceremony? If you're already married and did it, how did you feel?

Mommy Time Beyonce and Blue Ivy on Vacation at the Hamptons

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Beyonce has just shared some lovely photos of her family on her website, and among them are sweet pictires of her and daughter Blue Ivy. The pictures seem to be taken during their recent vacation to the Hamptons, and Blue Ivy is growing so quickly she wants to literally step into her mum's shoes, LOL...

Some Relationship Baggage You Should Let Go

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The majority of us tend to live in a perpetual state of panic. Panic over our jobs, over our bank balances, over our future, and perhaps most importantly, our relationships. Whether it's things you can't let go of from sucky past relationships, expectations from society, your friends or yourself, there are ideals we hold on to that aren't all that healthy. So in the spirit of getting rid of the bulls**t in your life, here's 12 things you should stop being so hung-up about in your relationship. It might be hard to let them go, but it'll be SO worth it.