Thursday, May 22, 2014

Should Women Get Paid Menstral Leave and Would You Take The Time Off?

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By Charlotte Andersen

Remember how embarrassing it was to tell your middle school gym teacher why you couldn’t participate in class that day, thanks to lady problems? (OK, in middle school it was probably because we were still figuring out how to work a tampon but still.) Well now think how it would feel to tell your boss. Yet many women worldwide are lobbying to either keep or instate paid leave for the few days the crimson tide is more like the crimson tsunami.

Kim Kardashian Looks Amazing as She and Sisters Turn Up For Bachelorette Party

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Kim Kardashian is really enjoying the last days before her wedding this weekend to fiance Kanye West. She is currently in Paris with her whole family and most of her friends have also already arrived Paris ahead of the wedding. The group have been doing all the touristy things France is known for, going to the Eiffel Tower, eating frog legs and snails and more.

Nigerian Military Releases Press Statement Denying Viral Photos of Alleged Genocide in Borno

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The Blueprint newspaper published photos of boys and men lined up in a field and who a Muslim cleric alleges were then shot to death by the Nigerian military and buried in a mass grave. The photos went viral online when some blogs syndicated them. A press release by the Nigerian military through the Defence headquarters, however claims they have nothing to do with it. Read the press release below.

Beyonce Re-rocks Long Box Braids And They are Down To Her Legs This Time

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Beyonce  is rocking box braids for the second time this year, with the extremely long, caramel-to-blonde ombre braids flowing down one side of her face and trailing down to the top of her thigh. The singer rocked box braids earlier this year, posting pictures of herself wearing box braids with hip-length blond extensions on Instagram back in January. See more pictures of Beyonce in January and the recent hairstyle below.

On Husband's Alleged Cheating, Did Adaeze Yobo Get It Right Saying "Join The Line"?

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Adaeze and Joseph Yobo are one of the celebrity couples that share their marriage on social media with pictures and commentary. Adaeze regularly updates her friends and family of her life as a student, wife and mother in her faraway locale. But not everyone can love everything you do.

Mark Cuban Admits He Has Some Racist Prejudices and Bigotries

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Mark Cuban, the owner of Dallas Mavericks has admitted in an interview that even he harbors "prejudices and bigotries." The Inc. interview was focused on many societal issues, and the vote by the NBA on banning  Donald Sterling because of his racist comments also came up. Mark Cuban says that while he condemns racism, he won't be a hypocrite and say he is above some stereotyping himself.

15 Year Old Boko Haram Survivor Testifies To US Congress About Losing Her Father and Brother

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Deborah Peter is a 15 year old girl who survived a Boko Haram attack on her family in 2011. She witnessed her father and brother being shot to death and was then asked to lie between their corpses. She is currently living in Virginia and has testified to U.S. House lawmakers, House Foreign Affairs Committee as they investigate the role of the United States in the Boko Haram saga. You can read her testimony in full below, see document here.

Are They Dating? Maksim Chmerkovskiy Loves Meryl Davis, Brother Val Says

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It was no big surprise when Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis won the Mirrorball Trophy on the Dancing With the Stars Finale a couple of days ago. What I and most people who've been watching the show and seeing the relationship between Maks and Meryl grow from episode to episode, want to know is, is the love between them for real?

Names of Men Most Likely to Cheat on Their Partners Revealed By Survey

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A recent U.K. study of 2,000 unlucky-in-love women looked at their experiences with men in the past and saw Wayne ranked as the least trustworthy name when it comes to love. From their responses, men named Wayne are considered the least trustworthy when it comes to maintaining faithful relationships.

6 Warning Signs That You May be Settling For Less Than You Deserve

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Do you ever find yourself wondering if they’re The One, or if you’re just settling down because you don’t think you’ll find anyone better? Sometimes, when we’re at a low ebb, it can be very easy to convince ourselves that someone is right for us, just because they’re there. But settling rarely makes for a long lasting, happy relationship. Here are 6 warning signs that you’re settling for second best in your relationship.

Bridal Makeup by Melys Makeover - Olaide Sotubo's Traditional Wedding Look

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Meet our bride for today: Olaide Sotubo

Olaide contacted me for my services less than 2 weeks to her wedding. Though I had 2 clients already booked for that weekend, but still followed my guts and considered her request. Because of the short notice, we didn't do a pre-trial hence,I met her a day to her wedding. 3 clients, miles apart whew! me to pull them all off. Thank God it was a weekend, the road was free.

Kevin Hart Defends Girlfriend Eniko Parrish From Being Called a Home Breaker

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Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish

Kevin Hart and Ex-wife Torrei Hart divorced in 2011 but Kevin says they have been apart for more than 6years and he's only been dating his current girlfriend Eniko Parrish for five years. His Ex-wife and the mother of his two children, remembers it differently and insists they were still together when he started dating Eniko.