Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chelsea, Bill and Hilary Clinton's Daughter, Is Pregnant

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Chelsea Clinton, The former first daughter made the announcement that she's pregnant in New York City while hosting an event with her mother, Hilary Clinton, former first lady, secretary of State and one-time presidential aspirant. Chelsea said at the event,

Helen Ukpabio, "Child Witch" Pastor Deported and Banned From Britain

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Helen Ukpabio is known in Nigeria and other circles as the Lady Apostle, but her apostleship is not to spread the gospel, but to liberate those under spiritual attacks. The unfortunate aspect of her message is that she targets defenseless children, and usually burdens then with the woes of their families, labelling them witches and asking their families to get rid of such children.

Fact Checking The School Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram by Viola Okorie

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I think the press needs to sit down, get their acts together and ensure that media reportage on sensitive issues are professionally carried out. Is someone reporting the abduction from Abuja? If those girls could still be going to school then it is safe enough to assume that there should be at least one reporter on ground that can give us accurate information.

Magazine Covers - Adora Oleh on Ping!

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Adora Oleh looks lovely on the current cover of ping and the play of colors makes her stand out even more.