Sunday, March 23, 2014

An African City Episode 4 - A Customs Emergency

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In episode 4, 'A Customs Emergency', the girls navigate through issues of dependency...with Sade's dependency dilemma being the most "interesting" of the group.

Anita's Mother, Behind the Scenes + More Pictures From Anita and Paul Okoye's Wedding

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Banke Meshida, was the makeup guru that did Anita's face and that of a lot of the celebrity ladies at the event. Omu Obilor was the event planner and for Anita to be so relaxed while getting ready with her hair and makeup done but not yet dressed up, shows she knew the party was in good hands. Lola Omotayo, and daughter Aliona are just so cute. Check them out...

Anita and Paul Okoye's Son at Their Traditional Wedding - Official Photos

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The traditional wedding between Anita and Paul Okoye was shot by @7thaprilphotography and these are some of the beautiful pictures he has shared on Instagram. If this is his work without touch up, they must look amazing after they've passed through the studio shine. And look at their cute son, Andre, top matching with his daddy, and looking so happy like je knows what the day is about. God bless the family.