Monday, March 17, 2014

Weight Management in Long Term relationships

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By BabaWilly

A rolly poly couple were cramped up in the economy air plane seats flying over the Sahara and they wondered two things in their private thoughts. Why was it taking so long to travel from London to Lagos and has the Sahara increased in length? Nay, I lie, for they contemplated a third thing which was this. Why has my spouse put on so much weight?

Daddy Time - Jeremiah Gyang and Daughter Ella

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Gospel singer, Jeremiah Gyang is based in Jos, Plateau State, and is the brand ambassador for one of the oldest confectioneries in Nigeria, Nasco Biscuits. The musician is also a father of one, and dotes on his three year old daughter, Ella. He shared this caption with these pictures on social media.

Family Time - Peter Okoye Goes Swimming With His Children

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Peter Okoye of PSquare shared these pictures of him swimming with his children with the caption "Family times... #lovelyweekend #happymoment". He calls his daughter Aliona, little princess, see her picture below...