Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How Long Should Sex Last? This App Ranks American States - All Less Than 10mins!

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I've been in conversations where women vigorously debate the lasting power of their men when the main show in bed commences, some prefer it fast and others want a slow stroking, then there's the tantrics who can last hours. Though some have mocked the one-minute man, some women have also said anything more than 5mins non-stop is just punishment, hahaha. 

Mercy Ngozi Alu - Guest Author (Halima)

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Our author interview today is with Mercy Ngozi Alu, and her first book is Halima.

Tell us about yourself:  I come from Afikpo, in Ebonyi State of Nigeria.  My local Afikpo (Ehugbo) name, is Ogerigwogo, which can be translated Ogechukwu(God's time is the best).  The original word means lady of song or composition and dance.  I believe naturally, I am meant to be creative and full of ideas.  My father was, and still is a professor, and I must say, he instilled some discipline in me.