Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Using Online Business Directories To Save Time and Money And For Convenience Too

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Many people in Nigeria are still slowly coming to terms with the use of the internet and how online resources can be utilized for various purposes. For a lot of people, using social media like Facebook, Twitter and others, is still the primary thought that comes to their mind when you mention the internet. For a few more, they are also using search engines and doing a bit of online shopping. From my experience, it seems the use of online business directories and yellow pages is yet to take off.

Magazine Covers - Kate Henshaw on TW With Fitness Challenge Winner

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Last year, Kate Henshaw took part as the motivational celebrity in the TW 2013 Fitness Challenge. The winner of that contest has emerged and is featured this month on the cover of the latest edition of TW magazine with Kate Henshaw. They are both looking great!