Thursday, December 11, 2014

Woman Raped Beaten and Left For Dead Names Facebook Lover As Her Attacker Before She Dies

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Eliza Dragne, 30, was said to have been unlucky in love, so she kept it a secret when she met Nicu Alin Cristea, 29, on Facebook. Unfortunately, when they met up, he allegedly beat, raped, and stabbed her in the neck with a screwdriver and then left her to die in a field on the outskirts of town.

Despite her injuries, she managed to crawl to a road and was airlifted to Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital in Bucharest, where she slipped into a coma and died. However, before she passed away, she mustered enough strength to give a brief interview to police, who said she named Cristea as her alleged attacker.

Via Mirror UK

Officers said Cristea met Eliza on Facebook and told her he was a single humanitarian aid worker who devoted his time to helping orphaned children.

But he was actually a labourer who had been married for one month to his wife, Elena Cristea, 28.

Eliza and Cristu are believed to have chatted online and agreed to meet for a drink, with the attractive brunette accepting his offer to collect her in his car.

However, instead of driving her to a bar, Cristea is said to have taken her to a remote, rural spot, where he led her into a field, before beating and raping her.

During the alleged attack, Cristea is also said to have strangled Eliza and stabbed her in the neck with a screwdriver.

Convinced she was dead, police said he took Eliza's mobile phone and logged into her Facebook account to delete all trace that they had ever contacted each other.

He's then accused of driving off, leaving her in the field.

However, unknown to Eliza's alleged attacker, she was still alive and managed to crawl back to the road, where she was spotted before police were called.

Officers said her injuries were so severe and the spot so remote it had taken her hours to get to the road and be found.

Eliza was flown by air ambulance to hospital, where surgeons battled in vain to save her life. While there, police say she named Cristea as her attacker.

After her interview with detectives, she slipped into a coma and died as police were on their way to arrest him.

When police turned up at Cristea's home, he was in the middle of a party with friends, celebrating his one-month wedding anniversary.

He initially denied having anything to do with the attack, but his defence is said to have crumbled when he was told that he'd been named by Eliza.

Judges have ordered Criste, from the village of Calomfiresti, near Alexandria, to be held in custody for a month while the investigation continues.

Rodica Dragne, Eliza’s mother, 53, told local media she had been devastated by the loss of her daughter.

She said: "What can a mother feel when she sees her child like this?

"Why did he have to kill her and destroy her?

"He had a home and a marriage so why destroy my daughter's life and chance of having the same?"

Rodica agreed to donate Eliza's organs, which have saved three other lives.

Since news of Dragne's arrest, police said other alleged victims of the man have come forward.

One woman claimed he had come to her house with construction materials, but when he realised she was alone he had attacked her, leaving her with terrible injuries.

She claimed the attack was so violent that she had been terrified she might be killed by him if she reported it to the police.

"He left me with a fractured skull and a broken hand and there was blood everywhere afterwards," she said.

"I was lucky to survive. I believe he wanted to kill me."

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