Thursday, December 11, 2014

Woman Arrested For Making P0rn Films In Church Says She's An Angel

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A woman was arrested in Austria after making some porno films in a church, and when charged to court, she claimed to be "an angel" compared to other sinners. Though her face was not shown on camera, the woman did not deny making the films after a man who attended the church and saw the films recognised her breasts.

The 29-year-old, identified only as 'Babsi', was speaking in court during prosecution by state attorney Alfred Schaumueller. She was given a three-month suspended prison sentence after she pled guilty, and will also pay fines to the church.

When asked what motivated her to make the porn movies in a church, she said: "Believe me, if you look at what other people get up to I am really an angel."

Via Mirror UK;

Although the Polish-born woman's face was not visible in the films, an informant tipped off police after an appeal for information.

Local priest Bernhard Pauer notified police after a parishioner in Hoersching, Austria, spotted the inside of the church in the clip while surfing the internet.

The film, which shows the woman opening her top and caressing her breasts, does not show her head.

Her hands are visible and she is holding what appears to be a Bible and a rosary, as well as a sex toy which she uses on herself.

According to detectives, she had made similar films under the name 'Babsi', which made easy to match her to the video made in the church.

The porn movies have caused heated debate in Austria - a largely catholic country - as to whether or not the church would need to be reconsecrated.

In the end it was decided that it was not necessary as the woman's sins had not been enough to drive out God.

Outside court, Babsi, as she has been referred to by local media, said: "To be honest I find the whole thing completely inhuman.

"I didn't have any idea it was illegal.

"But I am proud of the fact that the whole country has been looking at these videos, it's because I'm simply really good at what I do."

She has apologised to the priest and been ordered to pay £4,230 - roughly half of what she had earned, from the videos.

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