Friday, December 19, 2014

Video - Obama Calls The Interview Star James Flacco While Addressing SONY Hack

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Oops! James Flacco? While discussing ‘The Interview’ being pulled from cinemas, President Barack Obama slipped up on one of the names of movies' stars. He mentioned Seth Rogen and James Flacco?

The slip up happened during his end-of-the-year news conference, where President Barack Obama addressed the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment and said he was not happy they pulled "The Interview". He admitted he was a fan of both major actors in the movie.

Some say he may have misidentified James Franco the movie actor, possibly confusing him with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. See the video below...

If you watch the video above, the slip happens at the :44 mark. Of Sony’s decision to pull The Interview from theaters, the president says;

“I am sympathetic to the concerns [Sony] face. Having said all that, I think they made a mistake.”

Already Twitter is having their laugh of the day from the president's slip up, blaming it on North Korea, or the elite NFL player, or both. And already, there's an @JamesFlacco spoof account...

And others chime in...

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