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Top 3 Nigerian Destinations to Spend New Year’s Eve

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By EA Winifred

As you’re getting ready for the New Year with bags of fireworks and crates of champagne, you might wonder what else is out there. Hidden in the nooks of Nigeria are three wondrous destinations not many people know is all they need to take their New Year’s Eve celebrations to the next level.

1. Party into the New Year in Victoria Island, Lagos

When the wealthiest in Lagos go out to party, they do it in only one place, Victoria Island. Stretched off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Victoria Island is cocooned between Lekki and Lagos Island, miles away from the mainland. It is the commercial centre of Lagos and also the most high-brow.

Several successful people, both young and old, mingle with friends, colleagues and expatriates at one of the bars and lounges Victoria Island seems to be flooded with. For a night of fun, dancing and merrymaking, take a trip to Victoria Island this New Year’s Eve. If you’re coming from out of town, you can find hotels here.

2. Start an adventurous 2015 at Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi

Tourists come from all over the world to gaze at the elephants, baboons and other wildlife at the Yankari Games Reserve. What could be drawing them to this Nigerian wonder?

Not only is it well-stocked with fabulous flora and fauna, but the Yankari Games reserve is located in the savannah woodlands with hills and caves. It is in a world of its own, secluded from outside influences and maintaining a safari utopia. The animals gather at the river around this time so it will be easy to spot a new animal friend and take photos to show friends and family at home.

There is something for everyone at the Yankari Games reserve. If you’re more into a laid back New Year experience, take a load off at the Wikki Warm Springs right in the reserves that extends into a vast pool.

3. Say Goodbye to 2014 Relaxing at Obudu, Calabar  

Have you ever dreamt of paradise? See if first-hand at Obudu, Calabar. One can’t say enough of Obudu, you have to see for yourself what an amazing scenery it provides, one filled with mountains, valley and maybe milk and honey.

Ride the cable car or charter air service across the mountain ranges and you will be greeted by the cool mountain climate garmented in the fresh mountain air. There’s a water park at the foot of the mountains allowing for afternoon dips and fun at the water slide with the little ones.

The flowers bloom the most around this time so take a trip down to Obudu and walk up a hill or down a valley to see the surrounding plateau.

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