Thursday, December 4, 2014

Time For Maheeda To Stop Posting Her Nude Pictures?

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The name Maheeda in Nigeria is synonymous with naked pictures posted on social media, either on Twitter or on Instagram, though the latter will always delete her posts or her account when the pictures get too raunchy.

But Maheeda can't be stopped by such social media policies on nudity. She just doesn't care, she simply posts more nudes, or opens a new account. When she's feeling in a good mood, she may just cover the controversial parts and tone it down to 16+ as can be seen in the picture above.

But not everyone is happy about the singer and glamour model. A writer on YNaija gave the following 5 reasons why Maheeda should stop posting the news. Do you agree it's time?

1. For starters, she’s not all that sexy

“Maheeda has a good body, yeah she does, but that’s where it stops. Simply ‘decent’, not ‘great’ or ‘fantastic’. At the beginning, the fellas were fascinated at how she brazenly flashed her privates, but after it became a weekly affair, people simply moved on. Even if Nicki Minaj, as endowed as she is, decides to start going nude, the world will at some point cease to be moved by her sexiness.”

2. Over-exposure

“Celebrity overexposure is bad for any brand, but when it is a brand built on nudity, overexposure is the surefire death of such a brand. Even the most talented artists and actors, would at some point suffer a career dwindling, after being overexposed to the limelight. But for someone with ‘so little’ talent, a ‘career demise’ is more apt. In essence, Maheeda’s career is built on her body, and by now we’ve seen it all….well, almost. And we are tired.

3. An apparent lack of talent

The likes of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and in Nigeria, Sheyi Shay and Tiwa Savage, can get away with showing some nudity, simply because they have some semblance of talent. Where they use their nudity to gain attention, they employ their talents to sustain the interest. But for Maheeda – whose music is only beaten in the ‘worst Nigerian recordings’ list by Tonto Dikeh,- talent is obviously in short supply, hence the naked photos can only do so much.

4. She says she’s addicted to sex

She once declared her addiction for sex, while at another time, she revealed that changing dicks is her ‘hobby’. Dear Maheeda, it is far from lady-like to blurt out that you are addicted to sex. With all due to respect, you will be thought of as a ‘skank’ if you claim to change sexual partners as often as some people eat.

5. The nudes are tacky and tasteless

There is something inherently inelegant and insipid about Maheeda’s nude photos. She may assume all the sexiest and provocative poses in the world, but her nudes will simply never have the aesthetic value a Rihanna or Kim Kardashian’s nudes will have. Ordinarily, it should move the fellas, but really, it has become crude and trashy.

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