Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rihanna Reportedly Pregnant - Stops Smoking Weed

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Rihanna has been reported pregnant by the Media TakeOut website who say they're so sure about the story that they'll bet $10k to any challenger. They say they have evidence, foremost of which is that Rihanna no longer smokes weed. Read below...

MediaTakeOut.com just received a blockbuster report yesterday - Rihanna is pregnant. This is not rumors y'all . . . it's 100% certificate

We spoke with two separate sources that told us that Rihanna is working on a new song on her albumM - where she will talk about being pregnant. One tipster explained, "The song is a ballad, where Rihanna talks about the "baby growing inside me."

And there's more. Rihanna has banned ALL WEED SMOKING inside the studio while she records - a VERY unusual step for Rihanna, who is known for smoking weed like a CHIMNEY!!

We're told that Rihanna is EXTREMELY happy about having a baby, and that she JUST FOUND OUT about her pregnancy a FEW DAYS AGO!! Congratulations to Rih - we LOVE HER TO DEATH and are so HAPPY about her new family.

As for the father - we have NO IDEA WHO IT CAN BE - some folks are speculating that it could be Drake. But we don't have ANY INFORMATION on who it can be.

Oh and we are not 80% sure about this, or 90% . . . we're 100% ON RIH BEING PREGNANT. In fact, we're SO CERTAIN . . . that we'll bet ANY MEDIA COMPANY that doubts Rihanna's pregnancy $10,000. Come on . . . anyone wanna put their MONEY UP against our reporting!!!

Already, some of her fans are congratulating her on the good news, though unverified.

lashesbyytasha said "Congrats on your bundle of joy, your going to be a great mommy"

richy.rich1 added, "congratulations on the little one badgal it should've been with me emoji but I'm happy for you Monster Tour was amazing I can't wait to see how great of a mother you will be #TeamPisces @badgalriri"

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