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Nigeria's Tayo Loses Out, Tanzania's Idris Wins Big Brother Hotshots

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The Big Brother Africa Hotshots 2014 which was season nine of the show ended today, Sunday, December 7, with Idris from Tanzania emerging as the winner of the show and he goes home with $300, 000.

Eight housemates -- Sipe, Nhlanhla, Mackey 2, JJ, Idris, Mam'bea, Butterphly and Tayo -- of 26 remained after 63 days. They were evicted in this order: Butterphly and Mam'bea, JJ and Sipe, Nhlanhla and Macky2, leaving Idris and Tayo.

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Nigeria's Tayo was one of the more controversial housemates, often engaged in war of words with his fellow housemates. His "realness," however, made him a fan's favourite, Premium Times reports.

Some highlights of the show included a prank by Big Brother where past contestants of the show including Nigeria's Uti, a former winner, were added to the competition. They stayed in the house for a week and brought a lot of chaos and entertainment.

There was also the "freeze" challenge. Towards the end of the competition, the housemates were visited by a loved one during this challenge. This brought some high emotion to the show.

The Moment The Winner Was Picked

The final moment was upon us. Tayo and Idris were brought through via a limosine and went on stage with IK, waiting to hear which one of them would be crowned this season’s winner, Africa’s Big Brother Hotshot. They made a great entrance to the live stage. Idris was speechless, Tayo watched his final video of his 63 days in the house as he shuffled around nervously.

Idris clearly enjoyed his video and watched himself intently. IK talked to Tayo and he said that things changed for him in the house. They discussed their fight but it was water under the bridge. He talked about having fun in the house in the last week, IK asked Tayo if the pressure got to him, Tayo said that he chilled for the past week as he felt he had done everything he had done already. Tayo then mentioned that if he won, he would give a “grand prize” to the woman who “walked into his house”. Idris said that he will “give the money back to Africa”.

IK stood on stage with the final envelope that revealed the winner. “The winner of Big Brother Hotshots is…” IK left them hanging, the drone kept droning on, IK extended their agony, and then said. “That person is Idris.”

How Africa Voted

According to the final votes of this season, the housemate with the most number of country votes is Idrs.

Idris received five country votes and these were from Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

The runner-up, Tayo received two country votes and these were from Nigeria and Mozambique. The rest of the finalists received country votes as follows:

Macky2 got two country votes from Zambia and Rest of Africa, Nhlanhla also got two country votes from South Africa and Botswana, JJ got one country vote from Zimbabwe, Sipe also got one country vote from Malawi and Butterphly received 0 country votes.

For the housemates who received the same number of country votes, the tie breaker rule came into effect for those housemates.

According to the Big Brother Africa rules: If the Popularity vote does not yield clear evictees and there is a deadlock between two or more housemates, the percentage vote from each of the 15 regions is added together and divided by 14 in order to generate an across the board percentage, which is then used to ascertain who stays and who goes.

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