Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nigeria Has The Longest Duration For Sex - True or False?

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So uberfacts is one of those Twitter handles that spews out facts, some look real, others you can't be so sure. Yesterday, they tweeted that Nigeria is the country with the highest sex duration which came to 24 minutes per session of intercourse on average.

They add that this is according to a survey but fail to say which survey, or who carried it out. Some commenters wondered if there was any factuality to this revelation, and indeed there is. It is a real fact. Remember this post?

I had written a post in the past, with a poll asking how long sex should last, and got some emails saying good sex can not just be about how long it takes.

Soon after that, global research stats from Durex, listed Nigeria as most sexually satisfied country, while saying that satisfying sex drivers, included the following;

- mutual love and respect;
- freedom from stress;
- ability to orgasm;
- freedom from sexual dysfunction;
- good mental and physical health;
- frequency of sex and foreplay,
- socio-economic status.

Following that, and adding data from other studies, AlterNet formulated a list of countries that consistently rate among the most sexually satisfied, and Nigeria came in at #10 where they gave the tidbit about Nigerians taking the longest time to have sex, at 24 minutes per average session.

So do you have satisfying sex with your partner? And how long does it last? LOL...

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