Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Artwork For Positive 2015 Goes Viral - Spawns Negative Memes

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An artwork created by Instagram user @Peniel Enchill which depicts a young lady going into the new year with only a positive mindset went viral on the social media site over the past week. While many have reshared the image, with one fashion blogger actually recreating the artwork in real life, hoping to take the example shown in it, others have decided not to leave all the negative stuff behind.

Over the past couple of days, memes of the image have been cropping up in my time line, and below are some of it. Some people predict the young woman will go back to a thuggish boyfriend, or she will get pregnant and be abandoned, or get her wishes for 2015 thwarted by the Spartans from 300. It's funny but it's not. Check on it...

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