Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mel B’s Bruises On X Factor Sparks Rumors Of Husband Hitting Her And Marriage Breakup

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Singer and talent show judge, Mel B was in the news headlines a few days ago after she landed in hospital and was unable to tape some footage for the X-Factor finale. She managed to get well enough to appear on the live finale, but fans noticed her wedding ring was missing, and that she had what looked like bruises on her face and cuts on her arms revealed by her sleeveless white gown.

As the show continued, fans took to Twitter to attack her husband Stephen Belafonte, accusing him of beating Mel B. Though he has denied it, that has not stopped the Sun newspaper from reporting that she's left him, and their marriage is on the last legs.

After images like the above appeared on the Sunday night show, speculation over whether Mel B could have been the subject of a physical attack from Belafonte began on Twitter.

Luke Robinson: 'So Mel B was APPARENTLY beaten up by her husband that's why she couldn't make it last night. Hense the bruise on cheek and no wedding ring.'

Tom Stoneman: 'Mel B's got a well iffy bruise on her cheek, scratches on the top of her arms and no wedding ring.... #xfactor.

Katy Perry Cherry: 'hope it's not true about Mel B! just seems a bit odd how her "wedding ring was stolen in hospital" and she's got a bruise on her cheek..'

Tim Jones: 'Not one to spread rumors but Mel B doesn't have a wedding ring and is sporting a nice bruise on her cheek #justsaying.'

Mel B's husband has denied the speculations publicly, but did not address the splitsville rumors...

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