Friday, December 12, 2014

@MadamFunky Admits Tweets Narrating Rape By Lagos Taxi Driver Were A Joke

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@MadamFunky, a Twitter user who says she lives in both Nigeria and Canada, narrated how she was recently robbed and raped by a taxi driver in Lagos. Many were full of pity for her, but a few wondered at the hashtag of ubertaxi attached to most of the tweets.

By the end of the tweets which numbered one to 30, many people were incensed as they believed the rape story was a hoax, and simply part of an ad to sell uber services in Lagos. MadamFunky has now somehow admitted the story may have been made up, and she has deleted the tweets. Before she made her profile private, she admitted;

"Rape is not something to be joked with. I have deleted. Did this actually happen? Well, I have moved on."

I hope others will learn from this too. Rape is a serious issue, and women are advised to take precautions to avoid rape, including staying clear of unlicensed Taxi Cabs, and also to report any assaults to the relevant authorities.

Using rape as a joke or to titilate in a fictional narrative, or worse, to make money in an ad like @MadamFunky tried to do, is totally crass and obnoxious!

Below are some of the tweets from other people who called her out.

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