Saturday, December 20, 2014

Leah Remini Finds Out Husband's Cheating On Ellen Show - Real OR Fake?

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On 17 December 2014, actress Leah Remini appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and in a prank call segment, Leah somehow found out her husband was cheating. Leah Remini had suggested she call her husband Angelo Pagan, whom she stated was on a business trip, for an unspecified prank to which Pagan was not a party.

However, a woman answered the phone, and Remini appeared to be surprised and seemingly became angry after she identified herself to the individual as Pagan's wife. On the other end of the line, the woman who answered seemed to say to someone there, "You're married?"

The segment quickly cut away, leading many viewers to believe that the prank was cut short by Remini's discovery of her husband's infidelity. Watch the video below...

It turns out it was all a prank as Leah Remini came on Twitter to explain;

Snopes has since debunked the rumor, noting that, "the show is not usually aired live: Had such a mishap occurred on camera outside the course of a planned prank, most likely the moment would have been left on the cutting floor rather than aired in what was otherwise a very upbeat episode."

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