Saturday, December 6, 2014

Janice Dickinson Calls Out Bill Cosby's Wife For Staying With A Cheating Husband

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Janice Dickinson has spoken out her thoughts about Bill Cosby's wife who has stood by her husband despite all the rape allegations. When asked how she feels for Camille Hanks with all the allegations against Bill Cosby, Janice said she feels sad for the woman.

But it's obvious from her answer that Janice thinks Camille made the wrong choice to stay with a man who would do such things to other women. Towards the end, it seems like Janice Dickinson is also expecting and apology or comments from Bill Cosby's wife on the rape allegation.

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She told MSNBC's Ronan Farrow;

'I feel bad for her. She knew that he was promiscuous. She stayed married to him. This is her choice, I can't speak for her. I can only say to Mrs Cosby that I am sorry I had sex with your husband and he had raped me.

I'm sorry that he raped me. I'm sorry for you that your husband gave me wine and pills - with the sole intent of having sex with me and raping me.

I'm sorry for her husband was a philanderer and is rapist. I really mean that, and for his children. Maybe Camille Cosby can say something to me about how I feel about what her husband did to me.'

Her message to Bill Cosby and his lawyer ...

'You will not be able to shut me up Marty Singer, you will not be able to shut me up pig Cosby. You will not be able to do this.

That’s too nice a word for you – you’re a snake. And you have no empathy, you have no compassion and you’re a bully, you’re a coward yourself and know that we are not liars.'

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