Friday, December 19, 2014

Guy Finds Girl With Same Name As Ex To Go On Romantic World Tour With Him

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Remember the guy who was searching online for a girl with the exact same name - Elizabeth Gallagher - as his ex-girlfriend to take her place and go on the trip with him? Read here. Jordan Axani and his girlfriend were planning a round-the-world romantic trip for two this Christmas but then they split up; after he had purchased all the tickets with her name on them.

Now, Jordan, a 28-year-old real estate developer, has found a replacement. She is a 23-year-old student and volunteer charity worker from Cole Harbour in Nova Scotia. That's her beside Jordan in the picture above.

Jordan had in October gone on Reddit with an announcement to find if there was any lucky lady in the world who bears the same name with his ex and has the same nationality willing to join him for the once in a life time holiday. He posted;

"While our relationship has come to a close, I am still planning on going on the trip and she is not (naturally). And because I hate the idea of a ticket around the world going to waste, I am looking for a Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher who could use the ticket." 

His announcement worked. The lady who will finally be joining him for the round-the-world trip was found through the viral post. Her sister posted a picture of Elizabeth's passport to Jordan on Tweeter with the caption, "Take me!"

Elizabeth said though she had no intention of volunteering herself for the trip, her sister did and all her favourite aunties all said if she didn’t jump at the offer it simply means she was crazy after they heard about the campaign.

"They were pushing me out the door. Some of my sweetest aunts in the world who would never say anything were saying, ‘If you don’t go on this, you are crazy. I thought this is a crazy opportunity. Even if I didn’t get picked, I felt like I had to say I tried."

Well, congrats to them both. Jordan spoke about his travel companion to the Star at the airport as he was about to fly to New York to meet her, saying:

"She has a real thirst to see the world. She has that east coast wonderful personality. She’s a good-hearted person."

The only downer? She already has a boyfriend, so the trip will be strictly platonic. Oh, well... you can't win them all.

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