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Einstein Writes To Marie Curie On Haters: Don't Read That Hogwash

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Haters gonna hate, and the higher you go, the hotter it becomes. Just ask Nobel Prize-winning physicist Marie Curie who had the height of her success over 100 years ago. A recently released letter, which was written by Albert Einstein has shown how much opposition Marie Curie faced and his advice to her on dealing with her critics.

Albert Einstein, himself also a renowned scientific genius and physicist, wrote the letter in support of Marie Curie after she came under fire from the press for both her personal and professional life. Check out his letter below...

Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Albert Einstein’s letter of support was recently posted online, among 5,000 of his personal papers as part the Digital Einstein PapersVOX explains the letter thus;

At the time, Curie was putting up with a lot of ridiculous criticism. Despite winning a Nobel Prize for her pioneering work on radioactivity, in January 1911, her bid for a seat in the French Academy of Sciences had been rejected, likely in part because she was a woman and atheist, and perhaps also due to rumors that she was Jewish — a problem in an anti-Semitic, Dreyfuss affair-era France.

And what Einstein's referring to in this letter is that soon after that, news came out that Curie, a widow, was having an affair with a physicist named Paul Langevin. He was married, but estranged from his wife — but critics said that Curie had tarnished the name of her deceased husband Pierre Curie.

In response to all this, Einstein praised Curie's work, and offered some time-tested advice for dealing with trolls. He preferred the evocative term "reptiles," but his succinct advice from a century ago still holds true today: "don't read that hogwash."

To all celebrities and public figures, please try to take this advice to heart. Una do...

Seriously, apart from all out bullying, press scrutiny and public criticism just shows a celebrity is doing better and moving higher.

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