Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Covers - 56-Year-Old Madonna Poses TOPLESS For Interview Magazine

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56 years old and she's still got it! That's what singer and philanthropist Madonna wants us to know as she poses seductively for Interview magazine's latest edition. Her photo shoot is intriguing as it is a bit weird, but that could be as much the influence of the Like a Virgin singer, or the magazine itself.

In some of the poses, Madonna dons lingerie, pink gloves, a metal face mask with a flower, and in one, she's fully dressed with art pop sunglasses. One of the photos shows her TOPLESS in a cupless bra! See below...

Madonna also talked about when she took drugs;

It’s about how people take drugs to connect to God or a higher level of consciousness. I keep saying, ‘Plugging into the matrix’. If you get high, you can do that, which is why a lot of people do acid or do drugs, all because they want to get closer to God.

‘But there’s going to be a short circuit, and that’s the illusion of drugs, because they give you the illusion of getting closer to God, but ultimately they kill you.’

I mean, I tried everything once, but as soon as I was high, I spent my time drinking tons of water to get it out of my system. As soon as I was high, I was obsessed with flushing it out of me’. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m done now’.

On death..she said

I became obsessed with death, and the idea that you never know when death will arrive, so one has to do as much as possible all the time to get the most out of life.’

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