Monday, December 29, 2014

Alleged Nephew Slams Jay Z, Claims Beyonce Uses Voodoo To Distance Him From Family

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A Twitter user who claims to be Jay Z's nephew went off on the rapper for distancing himself from his family because of wife, Beyonce while he had forgiven her sister Solange for disgracing him in a public brawl. In ranting tweets by a now deactivated account, the user, @S_C_ also confirmed one fact that fans of the couple had debated over the years.

The supposed nephew alleged that Jay Z may have become a slave to his wife because he disvirgined her. He however goes on to also suggest that Beyonce is using some kind of voodoo over JayZ because she spends a lot of her time in New Orleans which is where her sister Solange lives. Read the tweets below courtesy of mediatakeout.

You changed man. Your life ain't the same since that bitch came in. Now you think your family is Tina, Solo, Julez. We aren't let in your home.
You won't fogive Aunt Mickey, but you forgave your bitch's drunk sister. After she hit you like a bitch - man for the world to see.
Because she doesn't want you around your family and you say "yes" like you're some puppet. You spend your birthday in Iceland so we wouldn't get invited.
Shit Mama Gloria doesn't find it weird. She likes that bitch [Beyonce]. She tells TT and crew not to be immoral in school. She says 'be like Beyonce. She lost her innocence to your uncle'. Wait until your 21. Maybe that's why you're still in?
I de-virgined over 4 chicks. No strings attached.
You prolly under some voodoo shit she did to you. She's always in New Orleans anyway, You need to be brother Hay again not this wuss.

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