Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 Things A Husband Must Do To Avoid His Wife Cheating On Him!

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By Blessing Hammed,

Dear husband, when last did you complement your wife, show interest in her emotionally and tell her she is beautiful? For some men once the children start coming, oh! they gradually stop complimenting their wife and before you know what is happening they see her only as a mother, housekeeper and wife and may even take her for granted.

Do you know what you are  doing to your wife? Let me  explain it to you - you have thrown her self esteem in to the gutter, thereby making her feel she is no longer sexy, beautiful or desirable. She feels unattractive and may begin to have low self esteem.

God help you if she finds a man who fills the void you have created in her, she may find herself willing to throw caution to the wind in order to find the validation she needs and is not getting in the marriage.

Dear husband if you don't want that to happen, I am sure by now you know what to do.

1. Are you emotionally attached to your wife? Is there still romance in your marriage? Or are you the type of husband running from pillar to post trying to acquire wealth to the detriment of the relationship between you and your wife. Are you the type that works 24 hrs 7 days a week? You come back home everyday so tired that you can barely connect with your wife. You gradually turn your wife into single but married woman by making her lonely. You know what happens when a woman is emotionally starved, feels lonely and no emotional attachment to her husband? She goes looking for emotional attachment elsewhere.

2. Have you ever heard the slang "what is good for the goose, is  good for the gander".okay you have heard it but I hope you fully understands what that means. Just incase you don't know, let me explain- you have this devoted wife and mother of your children and she finds out you are cheating on her, dear husband she may end up playing “tit for tat.” Perhaps you have also heard “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” If you doubt this saying then let your  wife doubt your fidelity then you will find out yourself. So, if you are a man out there cheating you better think twice about it.

3, Are you the type of husband who would rather watch football, hang out with his friends into the early hours of the next day or read a good book at bedtime than having  sex with your wife?

4. Or  has your wife offended you  and instead of telling her you decide to punish her by withholding sex from her?  Dear husband if you are doing this , let me tell you that you may be setting your wife up for cheating and I hope you are fully prepared to deal with the pain that comes with it.

5. Ignoring a woman's sexual needs for whatever reason is totally unacceptable .When a woman feels her husband no longer wants her sexually, she feels deprived and uncared for. Feelings that may spur her into going outside the marriage to find what she needs.

In conclusion, it is your responsibility as the head of the family to value the wife God has given you, care and nourish her as if she was your own body.

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