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35-Year-Old Mother Of Four Murdered In Her Own Home Discovered By Her Children

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Investigations are on-going into the death of a 35-year-old wife and mother of four children, Martha Ifeoma Ifewulu. She was married to 52-year-old Law­rence Ugochukwu Ifewulu, and both are pictured above. I may have watched too much Dateline shows where most home deaths are caused by significant others, but I can't help wondering if the husband is responsible? In his own testimony, he may have been the last to see her alive.

Mrs. Ifewulu was murdered in her home on Monday December, 1st, and in a terrible twist of chance, her young children were the first to discover her body. They had just returned from school to their home in Lagos on that day and found their mother lying in a pool of her own blood.

Speaking on his wife’s death, her husband told The Sun his recollection of what happened on that day.

“On Mon­day, 1st December, we had our morning devotion and rejoiced that we were able to make it to December as a family.

That morning, I was not really feeling fine and I thought of going for a medical checkup. I even jokingly asked her to go to the laboratory with me, but she declined because she wanted to go to Trade Fair to buy some things. So, I left the house around 10:30am.

Even as I am talking to you now, I have not even gone for the result of the test because I left the laboratory around noon. When I wanted to leave the laboratory, I tried to call her to tell her I was leaving for the office but she did not pick the call. I kept calling her line up till 3pm but there was no response. I even got very annoyed wondering where she must have kept her phone.

Get­ting to my office, after the usual traffic jam along the road, I got a call from one of our tenants, a woman. The woman was just crying and telling me to leave whatever I was doing and rush home. I asked her what happened, but she only said I should start coming immediately.

I had to call one of my staff to drive me home because, due to my condition, I couldn’t even drive. Getting home, I could not imagine what I saw. I was told that when the children came back from school around 3:30pm and opened the door of the staircase, they just saw blood flowing down from the staircase.

One of my girls tried to go upstairs and that was when she discovered my wife’s corpse and then raised the alarm. Neighbours came to the scene.

It was when I got in around 5pm that I asked what happened.

The chairman of our estate was the one that called the DPO of Ejigbo Police Division and informed him about the incident.”

The police came down within 30 minutes of getting the news. They went round, took pictures, and took away all that was at the scene as exhibits.

Mr Ifewulu says he doesn't know of any of his enemies who could've wanted to harm his wife, but refused to comment about his wife's enemies.

Police say they have ruled out robbery as no items were stolen from their home, and her watch, wedding rings, phones, and others were found around her.

Photo Credit: The Sun

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